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10 ordinary things that are insanely expensive

There are some common products that we use every day, but they are quite expensive than their regular price. These are affordable, not very ordinary things that we use every day without thinking about them. From toothpaste to toilet seat, that's what we have in mind. They are a whimsical version of everyday products. Some companies make these fancy limited edition or one-off products that break the bank.

Most, if not all, of these expensive, ordinary things can only be bought by rich people who can afford the luxury of having luxurious ordinary things for everyday use.

Now you might be thinking, “Why are they so expensive? " What are they? "Is it worth the cost?" So, here are 10 insanely expensive ordinary things that will shock you when you see the price tag.

10. Toothpaste

The most expensive Theodent toothpaste

Let's start with perhaps the most useful product on this list, so that you don't lose all your marbles because of how ridiculous the prices of some of these products may seem to you.

This Theodent toothpaste company sells their Theodent 300 toothpaste for about $99.99. Why is it so expensive, you ask? Well, Thodent claims and shows data that their toothpaste is better at remineralizing enamel and strengthening teeth than many of the leading toothpaste manufacturers. They can do this without using fluoride, which is incredible as you may know that fluoride is good and works very well for strengthening teeth, but it is also known to have some health risks.

Their data also showed that it worked better than fluoride. How do they do it? Well, they use plant cocoa in their toothpaste. They extract a good portion of cocoa called "theobromine" which is then mixed with calcium and phosphate. Unlike fluoride, it is not harmful to our body, so there is no problem when swallowed.

They also sell chocolate flavored toothpaste for kids and adults who are kids at heart, which is not as expensive as Theodent 300.

Despite the cost, this can be a good investment for those with very sensitive teeth, concerned parents looking for a fluoride alternative toothpaste for their children, and chocolate lovers.

9. Staples

Gold Plated Staples

If you are really rich and want to spend money in an unusual way, then this might be one of the options you have. Real gold braces are made by Oooms. 24 of them, made from 14 carat gold, cost over $71, but the good news is they're not just for paper staples.

According to their website, these "luxuries" can be worn on clothing to spice up a boring co-op environment. Plus, these luxury items can be used with any regular stapler, so you don't have to spend any more money on a specialty stapler. During your lunch break at work, you can casually show off those gold badges to your co-workers.

8. Wool socks

wool socks for $1188

This simple pair of socks is not embellished with gold or diamonds. However, it is made of expensive, rarest wool, which is called "vicuna wool". This is the wool of rare Andean animals. This FLAKE company will make them "personally" for you and ship them to you in a decent "noble" wooden box for only $1,188.

If you don't know what to buy for your rich husband, this might be an option. A quirky pair of socks for his feet to keep warm in the winter when he works tirelessly in his office.

7. Kettle

insanely expensive ordinary things

This teapot is adorned with 18 carat gold, 1658 diamonds, 386 crimson rubies, and the teapot handle is made from cast mammoth bone. Yes, you read it right. Working with materials from the Ice Age was not easy, but nevertheless it became possible. It's called The Egoist and is owned by the N Sethina Foundation. This single kettle costs $3 million. All lovers of rich tea are probably going crazy about this.

6 Razor From Space

Razor from space

This Zafirro Iridium razor costs $100,000. The reason this razor is so expensive is because it's made from space junk. Yes, you read it right. The metal is found only in the remains of meteorites. Thus, this is a limited edition of only 99 pieces. Zafirro sells other less expensive razors with a good motive for reducing steel blade contamination. They are made from white sapphire blades that stay sharp longer than regular steel blades.

5. Pencil

Pencil for $13,400.

Yes, now even pencils are made of gold and diamonds. In honor of the 204th anniversary of Faber Castell, the Ultimate Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil was created in 2001. The Ultimate Pencil is priced at $12,800. the title of the most expensive pencil in the world.

It is made from a 240 year old olive tree. The cap is made of 24 carat white gold and the top of the cap is studded with 3 diamonds. Only 10 of them were produced.

They sell affordable copies of this which are made from sterling silver and platinum.

4. Vacuum cleaner

golden vacuum cleaner
This vacuum cleaner is completely adorned with gold, making it a revolutionary value of $1 million. It was stated that only 100 pieces were produced. Everything is covered in 24 carat gold except for the engine, wheels and bag, and weighs about 16 pounds. Naturally, this is the most expensive vacuum cleaner in the world that you can find there. You might be wondering what kind of rich person would be interested in buying one because most likely a rich person would not want to clean or vacuum their mansion, so why would this be a worthwhile purchase? Well, we think it might be of interest to rich people who like to collect rare expensive items.

3. Toilet paper

$1.5 million for a roll of toilet paper

Of course, this list would be incomplete if we didn't mention the popular expensive toilet paper. As you know, at the beginning of the pandemic, the price of ordinary toilet paper was raised, but we are not talking about that.

We are talking about toilet paper, which the Australian company Toilet Paper Man sold for $ 1.5 million per roll. Yes, you read it right. This is not a typo. Toilet paper is made from 24 carat gold, which is why it is considered the world's most expensive toilet paper roll. According to their website, it was personally delivered to the customer with a bottle of champagne.

2. Diamond tea bag

most expensive tea bags

The diamond tea bag was made by jewelry company Boodles in honor of the 75th anniversary of PG Tip. Embellished with 100 diamonds on the side, 80 diamonds on the lace and 100 diamonds inside the tea bag. Of course, it would not be called a tea bag if tea leaves were not added inside, so we decided to put rare expensive tea leaves in there as well. Rare tea leaves were collected in the oldest garden in India. Plus, it costs around $10,000, laying claim to being the most expensive tea bag in the world.

1. Umbrella

most expensive umbrella

A truly unique umbrella, to say the least, because it is made from crocodile skin. This is a waterproof high quality umbrella priced at $50,000. It was designed by Angelo Galasso for Billionaire Italian Couture, an Italian mens-only luxury brand. You'll have no problem standing out from the crowd with this unique umbrella, but we're wondering if it's heavy.

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10 ordinary things that are insanely expensive