10 most popular models with non-standard appearance

Models with unconventional features: It is a common belief that in order to enter the international fashion scene, you absolutely need to have those blessed genes, big stature, amazing skin and a perfectly symmetrical face. However, the concept and definition of beauty has evolved as the fashion industry has evolved influencing society.

Fashion leaders may be the first to take notice of gorgeous mannequins with perfect proportions, but they also seem to be the first to celebrate beauty that isn't so stereotypical. Below are the weird models who are celebrities in high fashion today.

Top 10 most famous models with non-standard characteristics:

10. Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne's eyebrows are almost as famous as she is. That's probably why she doesn't let other people touch them. The supermodel's bushy eyebrows have generated thousands of fans and convinced many women to ignore tweezers.A source).

The 29-year-old well-known supermodel was born in London, England. Her grandfather is the former chairman of English Heritage, Sir Jocelyn Stevens. When Cara Delevingne hitting the headlines for the first time in fashion, everyone was blown away by her unique, strong look. She has a famous pair of very bold dark eyebrows and ferocious eyes. Because of her beautifully strange charisma and charm, she is removed one after another from major catwalks and publishes editorial works. Combined with her "killer" amazing bold features, her quirky, sweet and sassy personality.

She also has a successful acting career on the big screen. Today, it is not surprising why she is so relevant in the modeling industry due to her unusual appearance.

9. Ashley Smith

Models with non-standard features

Ashley is 31 years old. An American model with a prominent gap between her teeth that was fought over by three modeling agencies when she ventured to New York after graduating from high school. Blonde, curvaceous and beautiful, as well as a very carefree and outgoing personality, Ashley is a big hit with modeling agencies who think her smile is worth thousands of dollars. Growing up in Texas, she disliked conspicuous gaps between her front teeth and hated it when people looked at her teeth every time she spoke.

The gaps between the teeth used to be completely disliked. Ashley was one of the first gap models to stage a fashion takeover. Having looked for Chanel, Balenciaga, Prada and many other famous designers, she could say that it was a very good decision to leave her untouched in terms of teeth.

8. Molly Bair

Models with non-standard features

Six-foot-one model Molly Baer from Philadelphia had already worked with major fashion icons like Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs and Dior before she turned 20. At a young age, she is known for numerous editorial campaigns that highlight her pleasantly odd features.

This up-and-coming teen model admitted she was surprised by how people called her 'weird looking'. In an interview with CNN, she says: "I never thought I looked so weird, then I was looking on the Internet and people were like, 'This girl is so alien' and all that, and I'm like, 'What, I'm normal. ' I guess I'm getting into that alien-rat-demon-goblin-gremlin vibe."

However, we cannot blame these people!

7. Lily Cole

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The perfect face is not exactly what models are striving for today.

Lily Cole is an English model and film actress. At 24, she became the youngest model to appear on the cover of British Vogue. She is known for her alien features, which have become one of the favorites of fashion photographers. Her big forehead, round face, tiny lips and big eyes are totally weird but cute. Lily, who loves her quirky appearance, also loves to write and act in the theater.

6. Lily McMenamy

Models with non-standard features

Lily McMenamy is a well-known name in the industry. Her mother is Kristen McMenamy, one of the world's top models of the 1990s. The strange thing about her appearance is her involuntary big pout. Thanks to her professionalism and uniqueness, she has worked with major brands such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Moschino, Balmain and Chanel.

She is known for her bizarre and prominent physique, represented by the plentiful lips she inherited from her mother. Her attractive, natural protruding lips make her international fame colossal.

5. Kelly Mittendorf

Models with non-standard features

Kelly Mittendorf is an American model who was discovered at the age of 11 while swimming in a local pool. She instantly got a huge job because of her new and very unusual look, which no one else has ever been blessed with. Chipped teeth, masculine physical characteristics, thin eyes - Mittendorf has traits that none of us considered preferable.

However, her beauty is interesting, strange. The odd combination of her feline looks has made her a very successful high fashion model, making us realize that different and weird facial features can be very stunning when combined.

Her outlandish face with razor-sharp cheekbones is attracting the interest of Prada, Chanel and other brands that top models would like to work for.

4. Rick Genest

Models with non-standard features

It's impossible for this guy to go unnoticed by people. Rick Genest is a Canadian artist and model who tattooed images of skeletons all over his body and became known as "Zombie Boy". He survived surgery to remove a brain tumor and became a homeless hitchhiker before boldly deciding to cover his body in tattoos.

He used to be a circus performer in Montreal. His activities include lying on a bed of nails and other dangerous tricks. Genest often found himself homeless, and no homeowners wanted to take him in because of his appearance. On his lucky day, he was picked up by the world's most famous and well-paid circus freak. When pop star icon Lady Gaga's stylist hired him to film the music video for Gaga's "Born This Way," his road to international stardom was concreted. His art is represented by his body and he has no regrets about being "Zombie Boy".

Now Genest walks the catwalks in Milan, Paris, Los Angeles and other fashion centers, and also shoots for famous fashion, culture and art magazines.

3. Diandra Forrest

Models with non-standard features

She's white, but then she's black. African-American model Diandra Forrest breaks the stereotypes of women in the modeling industry when she appears in famous fashion magazines. Her milky white skin and facial hair, green eyes, natural blonde hair, and unusual facial features caused by her congenital albinism are things she is never ashamed of.

Living in a predominantly African-American neighborhood and school where most people had dark skin, Diandra had a hard time fitting in, starting with her friends asking her if she was adopted. It was inevitable for her that she would be mocked and called "Casper" and "white girl". She chose to use teasing as her strength and motivation to become an inspiration to people like her.

She was noticed when a young photographer, fascinated by her unique looks, spotted her while she was shopping. “You are beautiful, you should be a model,” the photographer told her. Since then, Diandra has become a prominent name in fashion shows and fashion projects for MAC, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood and many more.

2. Sean Ross

Models with non-standard features
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Another iconic non-stereotypical model of the time is Sean Ross. He has been called the first albino African American model ever to appear in big fashion shows. He first got a taste of his modeling experience when he walked the runway for Tim Hamilton in 2008. Sean is also an actor and dancer who was first seen in his band's YouTube dance videos. He has featured in photo editorial campaigns for fashion publications including British GQ, Italian Vogue and Paper Magazine. He has modeled for Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and other major fashion companies.

Ross is also of African American descent. Growing up in the Bronx, Ross was discriminated against many times because of his skin condition. He was always offended by his peers, but this did not stop him from boldly pursuing his dream. Ross believes that his condition does not define him or limit him in any way, because it has always been there. He thinks that the problem lies in others and in the perception of people.

1. Winnie Harlow

Models with non-standard features

Winnie Harlow's success in the modeling world inspires people who find it difficult to feel comfortable in their own skin. She is the first female model with vitiligo, a disease that causes patchy loss of skin color. Winnie Young, also known as Shantel Brown-Young, is best known as a former America's Next Top Model contestant. Feeling like an outcast, she was bullied and called "cow" and "leopard", which made her early life dreadful, as she mentioned on a reality TV modeling show.

She wanted to blow up the fashion world despite her very unique looks, which she is no doubt already doing by gracing the covers of famous fashion magazines, advertising top international products, and gracing international fashion runways. By celebrating her skin for what it is, she inspires people with vitiligo who struggle with depression and self-doubt.

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10 most popular models with non-standard appearance