15 interesting facts about the iris flower. It is a symbol of communication in Greek mythology.

Bold and beautiful, irises bring life and color to hundreds of bouquets and gardens during the spring and summer months.

Iris is an ornamental flower often found in the Mediterranean; mainly in France, Italy and other parts of Central Europe. The legend of the iris flower it is closely associated with the gods and Greek mythology, and is also a symbol of royalty.

Like many flower names, the name iris comes from Greek mythology. In Greek, the word "iris" actually translates as "rainbow". Iris was the goddess of the rainbow, known as the messenger of Zeus and Hera, and the flower became a symbol of communication. The goddess Iris sent messages from heaven to Earth along a rainbow arc. And she was also a companion of women's souls on the way to heaven.

Here are 15 interesting facts about the iris flower that many do not know:

  1. The Greeks plant purple irises on the graves of women so that the goddess Iris will lead them to their resting place in heaven.
  2. Iris is considered the flower of February.
  3. Iris - a flower for the 25th wedding anniversary.
  4. Irises are the state flower of Tennessee.
  5. Iris flowers are poisonous to cats and dogs, so be careful when placing them.
  6. Most irises bloom in early summer.
  7. In China, iris represents the spirit of dance and the beginning of summer.
  8. Vincent van Gogh, famous Dutch painter, painted two paintings depicting irises.
  9. Iris flowers were a symbol of faith, wisdom and courage in ancient Egypt and were often used to decorate the scepters of rulers.
  10. Depending on the color of the flowers, iris can mean wisdom (purple iris), purity (white iris), faith (blue iris) or passion (yellow iris).
  11. Orris rhizome, also known as orris root, is used in the perfume and deodorant industries.
  12. The juice squeezed from the plant can be used to improve the condition of the skin.
  13. Iris can live over 2 years in the wild.
  14. Iris oil is said to help improve mood.
  15. The Iris Garden in Florence, Italy and the Presby Memorial Iris Garden in New Jersey are the world's largest gardens dedicated to the cultivation of irises.

The delicate iris flower has a deep meaning, a rich history and is a source of inspiration for art and literature. The close connection with Greek mythology makes the plant a powerful symbol, popular in many countries of the world.

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15 interesting facts about the iris flower. It is a symbol of communication in Greek mythology.