5 mistakes you make when using baking paper

Too many times you've come across failed desserts and then opened the baking paper and changed everything. To help you more, learn all the secrets of its proper use!

Baking paper is indispensable in the kitchen. He has been helping bakers since the 1800s. provides its history. It was originally created from sulfuric acid, water and ammonia. Currently, most of the ones you can find are made from cellulose and coated with silicone. The benefit of the current formulation is that the silicone is resistant to heat, grease and is ideal for cooking without contaminating dishes.

you spelled it wrong

Baking paper should be shiny. Be careful putting the shiny side up when you cook something in the oven. This is the silicone non-stick part that the food must come into contact with. This type of paper is odorless and tasteless and is usually made from plant fibers such as cotton or wood. Most of it is made from chemical wood pulp.

If placed with the slippery side up, the food will come off easily. If you put it on the opposite side, then the dish will be good, but it will be a little more difficult to remove it.

You are using it at the wrong temperature

To get the most out of baking paper, you need to know how and when to use it. This is a great baking tool and can be used for everything from cakes to main courses. It's oven safe, but not all temperatures affect it the same way. However, it is paper, so it can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If your recipe calls for a higher heat, opt for an alternative like aluminum foil, or just cook directly in a skillet or casserole dish. This one isn't as easy to clean, but you don't run the risk of catching fire.

Don't cut just the right amount

A common mistake is that you forget to cut it to the correct size. Cut the paper to the size of the pan or baking sheet you want to cook in. Make sure it evenly covers the dish. When lining a cake pan with a large piece of parchment paper, it's best to trim it so that it only fits on the bottom. If you put a whole sheet of paper without cutting it, it can hang from the sides of the pan and burn easily.

Don't fold the edges

For easy cleaning of the baking sheet, carefully fold the baking paper. Some dishes can be cooked well in baking paper. You put the ingredients on it, then close the edges to keep the sauce inside. This works especially well for first courses with meat and vegetables. If you want all the flavors to mix and cook together without messing up the dishes too much, prepare a package of baking paper!

You think it's disposable

Many people make the mistake of using baking paper only once, when in certain situations it can be used several times. In some cases, you end up cleaning or wiping it down and using it again. This tactic works especially well with cakes and pastries, which don't leave much of a mess when cooked, just a few crumbs. So you can reuse and recycle paper. Even if the edges of the paper are slightly burned or pitted, it should be reusable.

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5 mistakes you make when using baking paper