5 ways to decorate a Christmas tree

Christmas 2022 will focus on the little moments that make Christmas truly magical. By decorating your Christmas tree in a certain style, you have the opportunity to make your home a fun, welcoming place that represents you.

We know the holiday season is full of special family moments. Despite the pressure of the cost of living, we are determined to celebrate Christmas.

Like every year, there are tree decorating trends for 2022. To ensure you have a very special tree this year that you can surprise and delight those who walk through your doorstep, check out which of the most popular holiday decoration styles and colors will suit. your home is the best!

Nostalgic style is always in fashion

As we get closer to a more conventional Christmas than in the past, we'll see a return to traditional decorations in red and gold, which seem to be some of the most popular Christmas 2022 colors. They represent a timeless image that always reminds of Christmas. As an additional color, red always appears next to green, and gold gives additional elegance and reminds of past Christmases. Traditions stand the test of time, so if you're looking to save money, invest in a Christmas tree decoration in red and gold. It's a theme that comes back year after year. This trend includes the return of classic wood, glass or paper decorations that evoke warmth and nostalgia.

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Fairy tree in scandinavian style

Do you dream of a Christmas tree that emphasizes the beauty and grandeur of winter? Choose white and silver Scandinavian style jewelry. Along with matte textures that blend harmoniously with glossy textures, they add style and cleanliness to the holiday in a Scandinavian elegant way. Accents of brown, terracotta and gold add warmth. Popular natural textures such as stone, linen, wood and cork will add depth. Another Norse touch, these gnomes, the gnomes named Gonks, who come from Norse mythology, are back this holiday season. They can be placed under a tree or around it.


Glamorous style, perfect for romantics

This holiday season's trend is to throw back to the 20s and bring a vintage twist to the Christmas tree decoration. Dramatic gold details, silver accents, beads, feathers all add a touch of romance. They may be associated with warm light. Forever in love, pastel-colored ornaments and bright tinsel accentuate Parisian trends. Lilac in combination with classic gold and silver, as well as original decorations (roses, swans, butterflies) add romance to the house and invite you to dream.

Colorful tree like in Rio

One of the Christmas 2022 trends is bright colors and atypical decorations reminiscent of the summer holidays. Reusing decor throughout the year also helps manage costs. There is also a desire by some to create new traditions to fully celebrate after a period of fears. Take courage and collect jewelry in bright shades of blue, yellow, orange, red, green, similar to those that prevail at the carnival in Rio. As for their placement, make sure you place the smaller globes at the top of the tree and the larger ones at the bottom so they look balanced. Also, avoid overloading the tree.


Everyone loves rustic decor

We all know the benefits of being outdoors, so nature may also be influencing Christmas tree decorations this year. The theme combines raw green with warm caramel tones crafted from natural materials to create a rustic feel. To achieve embellishment in this trend, use balloons and nature-inspired embellishments. Bet on Christmas flowers or poinsettia, the perfect holiday decoration plant that will make you feel like you're on the run. Lush plants along with a lavish Christmas tree provide nature's influences to create a rustic feel. An easier and simpler way to create this trend in your own home is to decorate a wreath of spruce branches.


What never goes out of style

Surely you keep Christmas balls and other decorations from the time of your grandparents with great love. They have sentimental value and never go out of style. If they are no longer in good condition, you can try to upgrade them. You can combine them with new ones, perhaps in the same color. It would be ideal to combine different colors, new and old decorations in order to enjoy variety every year.

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5 ways to decorate a Christmas tree