7 most expensive emerald rings

Emerald gemstone rings are some of the most expensive jewelry on the market, sometimes even more expensive than diamond rings.

Emerald gemstones are bright green stones that many jewelers like to set into metal rings to give them an extra oomph that will attract the attention of many. They are suitable for gifts, engagement rings, personal ring collections and even engagement rings.

Emerald gemstones are very attractive to the eye and their owners for many reasons. One of them, of course, is for their aesthetic appeal. But did you know that emerald rings used to be popular jewelry because of their anti-inflammatory properties?

Many people would give emerald rings and jewelry to their loved ones if they had problems with swelling around or in their eyes. It's no wonder why emeralds are considered one of the... most expensive gems in the world today.

7 Most Expensive Emerald Rings You Can Find

Rockefeller emerald The most expensive rings with precious stones with emeralds

Wondering how expensive emeralds can be? These are very popular gemstones that people love to invest in because they can sell for more in the future.

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Below we have listed the 7 most expensive emerald gemstone rings and their prices.

1. Rockefeller Emerald

This very popular emerald ring was sold at Christie's in 2018 for $5,511,500. This brooch belonged to the wife of John D. Rockefeller Jr. in 1930. When she passed away, David Rockefeller, her son, had jewelers set the impressive 18.04-carat emerald on the ring.

The $5,511,500 Rockefeller Emerald Ring remains the most expensive and highest price ever sold for an emerald. The ring is made of platinum and gold band, and one stone is set on top of the prongs.

2. Afghan emerald

In 2015, this exceptional emerald ring sold for HK$17,560,000. The emerald was mined from one of the world's rare mines, found in the Panjshir Valley, near Kabul, Afghanistan.

It consists of a unique round silver band with a huge 10.11 carat emerald ring in the middle. It costs $225,000 per carat and is known as the most expensive emerald from Afghanistan.

3. Gorgeous ring with emerald and diamond

In 2013, this 61.35-carat piece was sold at Sotheby's in New York for $4.6 million. The diamond was reshaped to a square cut and set in a ring surrounded by 17 carats of marquise and pear cut diamonds.

The ring on the ring was of fine yellow gold, and the emerald itself was said to be Colombian origin. Only minimal sharpening was required.

4. Chalk Emerald

Although this emerald ring with diamonds is not for sale, but is in the museum. This masterpiece is one of the most expensive in the world. This 61 stone ring is made of two beautiful stones: emerald and diamonds.

The chalky emerald originally weighed 38.4 carats, but was later recut and set in a platinum and gold ring surrounded by 60 pear-shaped diamonds. The total weight of diamonds is 15 carats. This extraordinary piece is currently in the Gem Gallery at the National Museum of Natural History and weighs 37.8 carats.

5. Dupont Emerald

For nearly 49 years, this gem remained hidden in a drawer, insured for just $25,000. It belonged to Jessie Dupont, an art lover who died in the 1970s.

When she passed away, she bequeathed her 9.11-carat ring to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, where it remained until 2019. It was later sold at auction for $1.65 million.

The Dupont emerald is a creation of Belle Epoque Tiffany & Co.

6. Stotesbury Emerald

This emerald ring is so iconic; it was owned by three American collectors: Evelyn Walsh McLean, May Bonfils Stanton and Eva Stotesbury. Weighs 34 carats.

This stunning piece is made from a giant hexagon-shaped emerald set in a platinum gold band. The gemstone itself is surrounded by tiny pear-shaped diamonds throughout the base.

It was sold at Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels Auction for $1 million.

7. Green Emerald and Diamond Three Stone Ring

You'll love this $316,100 ring. Their bracelet is made of beautiful pure platinum and 18k yellow gold. It features a large piece of Colombian green emerald sitting on the top of the ring and is flanked on both sides by two-tone trapezoidal diamonds.

This emerald ring features a 14.88 carat emerald stone. The combination of 3 impressive gemstones and a beautiful colored band makes this ring worth every dollar spent. You can find it currently on sale at Leibish.

Green with envy

So here it is. Some of the most expensive emerald rings you can find in the world. If you have a taste for rings with emerald gemstones, you too can purchase them without breaking the bank.

You can talk to a jeweler to create stunning jewelry with emeralds that weigh less than the ones featured in this post, or find amazing emerald gemstone rings online from trusted jewelry stores.

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7 most expensive emerald rings