SPA style bathroom

Often the bathroom is a place of our transformation and beauty. It is very important that it be arranged with the finest taste and in a competent composition. The SPA style is harmony and exoticism expressed in elegant simplicity. What do you need to decorate the bathroom to make it look like this style?

How to transform a bathroom?

I want the interior of the bathroom to please both the soul and the eyes. Paleness and bad taste never cheered me up. Show your imagination in decorating this room, do not spare money.

Here's how you can decorate your bathroom to bring it closer to SPA style: Walls. The overall color scheme should be in light colors, blue and green can dominate. You can hang a poster on the wall, which will depict the hot sun and the gentle sea.


You can arrange wicker vases with flowers in the bathroom. In several places there may be stones for stone therapy. An excellent decoration is jars with multi-colored salt, which will not only have a relaxing effect, but also cheer you up. Hang beautiful curtains near the bathroom, and put a wooden wicker rug with a massage effect on the floor. Candles in small glass containers will also complement the interior.

household items

Hang terry towels around the bathroom, some of them can be put in a wooden container or a wicker rack. Towels can be put there in a neat pile. If space permits, a wicker chair can be placed next to the bathroom for convenience. Don't forget to find a place for a spa kit as well.

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SPA style bathroom