The disease that torments Adele. Statements made by the singer

The stars are not exempt from suffering either. Recently, singer Adele (34) reported that she was experiencing severe back pain, she was diagnosed with sciatica.

“Lately, I’ve been pushing myself more because I suffer from sciatica,” Adele said during her speech at the Colosseum on New Year’s Eve.

In addition, the singer had back problems for a long time. Adele first opened up about her chronic back problems in an interview with The Face in 2021.

“My first disc changed position when I was 15 due to sneezing. I lay in bed and sneezed heavily. Then my fifth disc moved. The following month, my second disc also shifted. I have lived more than half of my life in pain. “Due to stress or poor posture, back pain periodically worsens,” the singer testified.

The star also said that playing sports and losing weight helped her cope with pain and enjoy life more with her son.

What is sciatica and why does it occur

A common disease, sciatica, occurs when the roots of the sciatic nerve in the lumbar or lumbosacral region become inflamed. Causes that can cause sciatica include a blow to the lower back or spine, pregnancy (due to pressure on the lower back), or muscle spasms.

Other causes are degenerative diseases that affect the discs that act as pads between the vertebrae, stenosis of the lumbar spine, that is, the narrowing of the spinal canals or spondylolisthesis, more precisely the sliding of one vertebra over another.

People who are overweight, those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, have poor posture, or perform certain strenuous activities have a higher risk of developing sciatica.

Sciatica is manifested by pain that may appear in the lumbar, hip or lower leg. You may also experience: a tingling sensation in the leg, weakness or numbness of the limb.

There are different types of treatment for sciatica, depending on the severity. In more severe cases, anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid injections, or surgery may be recommended.

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The disease that torments Adele. Statements made by the singer