George Clooney's ex-girlfriend is on the verge of suicide. Did the actor cause her depression?

TV presenter Lisa Snowdon spent five years in an idyll with a Hollywood actor. Did George Clooney make her think about suicide?

The 50-year-old TV star and the 61-year-old actor have been a couple since 2000 after meeting on the set of a Martini commercial. While refusing to talk about her intimate relationship with Clooney, Lisa nevertheless revealed juicy details to The Sun about the moments she spent with one of Hollywood's most desirable men.

“George was charming, a really nice guy, funny, and all I can say is that we had a good time together. In fact, our relationship was quite wild,” said one, who wanted to add, rather jokingly, more seriously: “I think it will be written on my tombstone that George Clooney was once my lover Lisa Snowdon.”

But was it this far-flung idyll that created the TV star's great moments? Never! Menopause brought Lisa Snowdon to the brink of suicide several times!

The TV presenter, who was George Clooney's girlfriend for five years, spoke about the taboo topic in Fabulous Magazine. She admitted that menopause affected all aspects of her life - from her profession to her romantic relationships. And the hardest blow for her was when the doctors gave her the bad news related to her infertility.


As expected, doctors told Lisa that she could no longer conceive children during menopause. Although everyone knows this, this information greatly influenced the star: “All my life I thought that someday I would become a mother. I have always been a mother and wanted children, I never put my career first. But I just didn't have enough time for it. Someone else made this decision for me...”

As for her menopause symptoms, she had terrible hot flashes that kept her up all night and during the day she could barely concentrate on what she was supposed to do. “I had such dark days where I thought if this is going to be the rest of my life, I’d better leave,” she concluded. “I was affected by overwhelming sadness and some very depressive moods,” he added in the same emotional tone.


It took Lisa 10 years to cope with the situation in which she found herself. “I had a real crisis, I was an emotional wreck, but when I went through it, I realized that I became much stronger,” Clooney’s ex-girlfriend said.

Back in December 2022, she spoke on this sensitive topic in Women's Health: “I had terrible dizziness, extremely bad mood, depression, anxiety, panic attacks. Then I went to the doctor and, on his recommendation, took antidepressants, and only then everything began to change for the better...”

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George Clooney's ex-girlfriend is on the verge of suicide. Did the actor cause her depression?