What does Sandra Bullock do to look good. No one will give her 58 ...

In 2015, Sandra Bullock was recognized as the most beautiful woman in the world in a list compiled by the American magazine People. Then the star said that "Real beauty lies in simplicity." To stay in shape, she relies on healthy eating and sports.

For the skin, use a cream for ... hemorrhoids

Sandra Bullock has a wrinkle-free complexion, and for this she does not use expensive creams, does not resort to aesthetic interventions or Botox. She admitted that she uses a cream designed to treat hemorrhoids. This cream helps her mask redness and inflammation, as she herself stated. The star also stated that her skin care routine takes no more than 8 minutes.

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Over time, the actress has also tried various trendy facial treatments, such as the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) treatment created by Georgia Louise, one of the celebrity beauticians.

The actress exfoliates her skin weekly, this process helps to remove dead cells.

She controls portions of food to maintain her weight.

Sandra Bullock grew up in an environment that emphasized organic or bio-based products that have been proven to be beneficial to health.

In order not to gain weight, the star tries to eat food in small portions. To do this, they also use products supplied in adequate portions, choosing gluten- and sugar-free products. She also prefers hormone-free chicken, the actress said.

She does Pilates and runs every day.

To keep fit, Sandra Bullock does Pilates, a form of deep muscle strengthening and toning exercise. To do this, she works with Simone De La Rue, the coach of American stars.

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Bullock also loves to run. Just 10 minutes of daily running contributes to maintaining heart health and helps physical and mental health.

The star also dedicates herself to fitness classes and relieves stress by dancing.

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What does Sandra Bullock do to look good. No one will give her 58...