Demi Rose Nude Photos! She “dressed” herself only in paint

Demi Rose (28) turned up the heat with a series of nude photos she posted on her Instagram page, where she has more than 20 million fans. The brunette model posed naked, covered only in white paint. The model wore a silver chain wig on her head.

Demi, the owner of a fortune of 4 million dollars, proudly flaunted her sensual curves that sanctified her. “What a beautiful planet you have,” Rose wrote under the photos.

Demi is very proud of her figure (Photo: Instagram)

Demi Rose is bisexual

The British-born star, who recently came out as bisexual, previously dated 33-year-old rapper Tyga and now appears to be single and single.

“I went through a phase where I liked women more than men. Now I like men more. Depends on. I'm looking for an honest man who will inspire me. I like people with beautiful souls, open-minded and caring about me,” she said some time ago.

Demi Rose began her modeling career when she was just 18 years old and has appeared in several music videos for famous artists such as Rihanna and DJ Khaled. Although she was successful in her youth, she had an extremely difficult childhood.

“It was very difficult for me as a child. At school I was bullied by my peers, and at home I was abused by my parents. Then, at age 17, I became full-time caregiver to my mother, who had a heart attack that led to a stroke.

Thus, she became disabled and had to use a wheelchair. Four years ago both my parents died. I am always misjudged by others who do not know my true story. “I’m grateful for everything bad that happened to me, because it made me who I am,” admitted Demi Rose.

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Demi Rose Nude Photos! She