Design of narrow bedrooms

A narrow bedroom or children's room is a fairly common case. By approaching the repair of such sleeping quarters wisely, you can turn this lack of a room into a virtue. Various modern design methods will help in this.

Making a narrow bedroom

When designing such a bedroom, you will need to abandon traditional bedroom furniture in the direction of more practical. However, even under this condition, it is impossible to refuse a double bed. Since we are equipping a recreation area, and not just a living room. If you get a small passage between the wall and the bed, install a bed along a short wall, or give preference to a transforming bed.

Interior of a narrow bedroom
Thoughtful interior of a narrow bedroom

Avoid oversized cabinets. Use shallow cabinets for storage. A practical option is corner shelving or cabinets. They will soften your interior and smooth the corners. Choose cabinets with open shelves or sliding doors.

Place the mirror on a long wall, decorate the surface in bright colors, use soft spot light. In creating several areas of the room, use finishes of different colors and textures.

Interior design of a narrow children's room

First you need to determine the future color scheme of the room. It is best to take light warm colors as a basis, which will subsequently be combined with shades of furniture. As for the bedroom furniture itself, if two children live in the room, then give preference to bunk beds. You can also use loft beds. One floor of such a bed is reserved for a wardrobe, which will save you space.

Light narrow bedroom
Image: Light narrow bedroom

In any case, in the placement of furniture, you must adhere to the size of the room. A narrow room must be divided into zones. This can be done both visually and actually using shelving and screens. Place the working area near the window, it should be as lit as possible. When decorating the room, consider the gender of the child, his interests and hobbies, color scheme.

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Design of narrow bedrooms