Emily Ratajkowski and Eric Andre spent Valentine's Day together

The two lovers have officially announced their relationship online...

Emily Ratajkowski and Eric Andre spent Valentine's Day together. The two lovers decided to formalize their relationship online. The new lover of the star has published a series of photos in which they appeared together. These two no longer avoid the eyes of the curious.

Emily Ratajkowski seems to have found love in the arms of a new man. The prima donna is as happy as ever with comedian Eric Andre. The two are spending more and more time together. Having spent holidays together, they now see each other more often.

Emily Ratajkowski and Eric Andre spent Valentine's Day together

Eric Andre boasts a gorgeous girl. He is no longer shy about showing himself to the public. This time, he shared on social media a series of photos in which he took with his partner. The pictures quickly went viral.

Emily Ratajkowski and Eric Andre at a basketball game together

The two partners decided to pose nude. Some fans have criticized them harshly for their choice, while others have congratulated them on their relationship.

A couple in love does not take into account the opinions of others. They freely express their feelings and openly love each other. Andre also left a message for his lover in the description of the photo. He wrote "Happy Valentine's Day".

They were also spotted at a basketball game just a few days ago. Then they preferred to spend time in the company of close friends. This isn't the first time Emily has gone to a match with her boyfriend.

Pete Davidson took the star to basketball games to spend time together. According to the Los Angeles Times, Emily and Andre started dating in early January. They then spent their dream vacation in an exotic location. Emily seems happier than ever with her new partner.

What Emily Ratajkowski says about her divorce from her ex-husband

Emily Ratajkowski has gone through a difficult period since her breakup with Sebastian Bear-McClard. The prima donna divorced her ex-husband and took care of her son Sylvester Apollo Bear cub.

The star tried to give preference to romantic dates, but everything did not work out the way she wanted. The international model has been on dates with several famous men.

In fact, she was seen making out with Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian's former partner. But things didn't work out between Emily and the men she chose to date. The star says that the paparazzi put a lot of pressure on her. This was followed all the time at every step. Emily also feared that she was attracting the wrong men into her life.

She believes that men cannot handle her because she has a strong character. Now the diva is happy with her new partner.

Although their relationship is just getting started, things seem to be going very well between them. It remains to be seen if Emily decides to stay in a relationship with the 39-year-old comedian. Diva is selective in choosing life partners.

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Emily Ratajkowski and Eric Andre spent Valentine's Day together