The shape of your teeth is an indicator of your personality. What messages can it convey?

Did you know that the shape of your teeth can tell a lot about your personality? Like whether you are organized or chaotic, kind or aggressive. Find out more in the following lines!

Teeth allow you to enjoy delicious food, protect against harmful bacteria, help you pronounce different sounds and words, and express your emotions with bright smiles. What's more, according to dentist Sahil Patel, beyond their functional role, the shape of your teeth can say a lot about your personality. What messages can they convey to others?

How the shape of your teeth can give you away

Dentist and founder of a medical clinic in London, Dr. Sahil Patel, told the Daily Mail that the shape of teeth can convey certain messages. For example, oval shaped teeth radiates feminine and youthful energy. It also shows that you are generally a carefree, positive, relaxed and lively person.

Square shape

Square teeth they are associated with maturity, seriousness and efficiency. Dr. Sahil Patel says that this shape conveys masculine energy and can give the impression that the person in question has a strong and direct personality. This form is common among older people.

Rounded corners

Rounded teeth, like actress Margot Robbie's, are a combination of square and oval shaped teeth. What message are they sending? Well, this form shows that you are a sophisticated, kind and calm person.


"triangular" shape

"triangular" teeth, like Johnny Depp's, have a distinct shape that gives them a sense of uniqueness. Dr. Patel says they are associated with dominance, creativity, movement and free thinking. Their bearers are considered energetic individuals.


However, no matter the shape of your teeth, the most important thing is to keep them healthy. In addition to regular brushing and flossing, don't forget about a professional cleaning every year!

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The shape of your teeth is an indicator of your personality. What messages can it convey?