Where are the cutest people in the world and what makes them so hospitable

Whether we are talking about landscapes, gastronomy or culture, each country has its own strengths. But when it comes to friendly and smiling residents, only some areas in the world guarantee you an honest experience. Here are the most hospitable countries in the world according to a rating compiled by a travel agency!

Traveling to a new country will be an enjoyable experience if you can easily make friends with the locals, learn about their culture and integrate into society. So, if you have already started making plans for your next vacation, it would be a good idea to include at least one of the countries where the nicest people live, according to Easemytrip, in your list of destinations.

Top "happiest" countries in the world

In fifth place in the list of the most hospitable countries, according to the mentioned source, is Thailand. Thailand is also called the “land of smiles”, so if you want to feel good, you should think about it. Travel destinations like Phuket and Bangkok will give you positive energy, but you'll find respectful locals all over the country.

You will also find kind and funny people in Canada, a country that ranks fourth on the Easemytrip list. Canadians are said to be the most polite people on earth. They are also sociable and always strive to give the best to others. So be it!?

The South African city of Cape Town ranks third in the ranking due to its friendly atmosphere. In fact, not only Cape Town is home to hospitable people, but all of South Africa.

Also, the destination to be added to the list is New Zealand because you will be captivated by the jokes of the locals. New Zealanders are sincere, friendly, devoid of pessimism and give tourists wonderful experiences.

Country ranked first

Leading the ranking, Australia is the country with the nicest and most hospitable people in the world. They say that Australians are laid-back, spend a lot of time with family and attach great importance to the team.

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Where are the cutest people in the world and what makes them so hospitable