Dirty and dangerous habits of celebrities. Which star turned her house into a trash can?

Many Hollywood celebrities have various disgusting habits and vices that they try to keep as far away from the public eye as possible. But with celebrities harshly exposing them, stars have no choice but to endure as embarrassing information is revealed.

Big names like Britney Spears, Courtney Love or Michael Jackson own not only the artists, but also their habits. Look at how people close to them from their environment or family let them down and what they did to make them laugh.

Corutney Love, his life-threatening vice

Often it was her own daughter who publicly admitted that her mother caused at least three fires due to her habit of falling asleep with a lit cigarette. We already know about Courtney that she struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. Although she has quite a few deviations and her vices are not so disgusting compared to others, she is sure that the star is endangering not only her own life, but also the lives of those around her.

Britney Spears loses in hygiene chapter

The singer had a hard time, because the last years of her life were littered with weight fluctuations, moments of depression, which forced her to shave her head. She also has a vice that she found out about, although she didn’t want to.

More precisely, it seems that the famous Britney Spears, the idol of many generations, has a bad habit of picking her nose quite often. Also, problems with flatulence give him headaches. Her dirty little secrets were revealed by one of her bodyguards, who sued her for sexual harassment.

The late Michael Jackson turned his home into a "trash can"

There were many rumors about the King of Pop at one time, many of them unconfirmed, just like today: Michael Jackson lived in poverty, he did not value cleanliness at all. Three of his former housekeepers admitted that he wets the bed and collects trash around the house - an attitude based on a behavioral disorder (hoarding disorder).

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Dirty and dangerous habits of celebrities. Which star turned her house into a trash can?