Jennifer Lopez celebrates her twins' birthday

Ben Affleck also starred with the diva's children in an emotional video...

Jennifer Lopez celebrates her twins' birthday. Ben Affleck appears with the diva's children in an emotional video. That being said, the family got together to celebrate Max and Emme's birthday.

Jennifer Lopez celebrated her twins' 15th birthday with her fans on Instagram. The video posted by the artist is filled with special moments with her twins Max and Emma and stepfather Ben Affleck. Lopez has twins from her relationship with ex-husband Marc Anthony.

Jennifer Lopez celebrates her twins' birthday

In the caption of the post, Lopez called her children "beautiful shiny coconuts." OBVIOUSLY these are nicknames she uses for them to get her to like them. She continued to express her pride in their accomplishments and the joy they bring to her heart and soul. She also included the hashtags “twins” and “happy birthday,” writes marca.com.

The video shows footage from the life of Max and Emme. Taylor Swift's 2008 single "Fifteen" plays in the background.

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The footage also includes behind-the-scenes footage of Emme attending her mother's Super Bowl 2020 performance. Also included was a photo of the new family sitting around a table. There's also a candid moment where Affleck holds Max while he sleeps during a car ride.

The children's father, Mark Anthony, is now going through a new stage in his life. He recently married Nadia Ferreira, Miss Paraguay 2021, and they announced that they were going to become parents.

The twin children he has from his relationship with Lopez were not with him the day he joined forces with Ferreira. However, the artist is involved in the lives of the twins. In the past, Lopez has stated several times that Marc Anthony is raising his two children. She also said that they currently have a very good relationship, although at some point they decided to separate.

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez finally got married

Lopez's new family has been in the spotlight since her rekindled romance with Affleck. Ben Affleck and JLo first dated in the early 2000s and reunited in 2021. They were seen together several times, including on vacation and family outings with Lopez's children.

Fans have been keeping a close eye on Lopez and Affleck's relationship, and it seems like Affleck is handling his new role as a stepfather quite well. The video shows him with Max, and Lopez has previously spoken about how much she enjoys spending time with her children.

The Instagram post received many comments, with fans sending Max and Emma happy birthday wishes. Celebrities also shared birthday messages. The post received more than two million likes and thousands of comments.

Lopez's video is seen as a tribute to raising her twins and the love she has for her new family, giving fans a glimpse into her life with new stepfather Ben Affleck.

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Jennifer Lopez celebrates her twins' birthday