John Cena was photographed in a skirt: the actor starred in the comedy "Ricky Staniki"

John Cena was photographed in a skirt. The international actor has been spotted on the set of his latest film. The star starred in the comedy Ricky Staniki. Cena will next be in Melbourne, Australia to film her project.

John Cena has become an internet sensation. The international actor surprised his fans with a new pose. He walked out in an outfit he wore for his upcoming film. Cena is completely given to her roles.

John Cena was photographed in a skirt

John Cena turned all eyes on him. The paparazzi managed to take some pictures from the filming of the latest project in which he appears. The international actor was portrayed in Australia. He appears in the highly anticipated Ricky Staniki comedy.

John Cena in heels, black t-shirt and plaid skirt

Cena gave up menswear and was forced to wear a plaid skirt and high heels. Photographers captured the actor as he made his way to the dressing room. He was pictured wearing a black T-shirt.

A plaid skirt was paired with a pair of black tights. The upcoming film tells the story of three friends who create a character named Ricky Staniki. They end up blaming Ricky for their every move when they realize their prank led to the whole house being burned down.

The film is directed by Peter Farrelly, writes Starobserver.com. Other actors such as Zac Efron, Jermaine Fowler and William H. Macy will star alongside Cena.

The international actor is looking forward to the final result. Filming has just begun and an official release date for the film has yet to be confirmed.

What John Cena Says About His New Film

John Cena is excited about his new film project. The international actor spoke about the role he is about to play, as well as the joy this film has brought him.

“I am overjoyed. I can't wait to bring this character to life. I play alongside some incredible actors. The director and producers are wonderful people."

The star has a turbulent past. Sina was not always famous. Before, he had to sleep in the car.

The actor didn't have enough money to afford the rent. Thus, many times he had to spend the night in a private car.

The Fast and the Furious actor lived one day when he arrived in Los Angeles. Cena ended up going to the gym to earn more money. The actor says that it was there that he developed a love for sports. He hit the big screen much later.

Only in 1999 he was first noticed in Hollywood. Success really hit him in the early 200s. The WWE star made his debut in 2002 and managed to make a successful career as an actor.

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John Cena was photographed in a skirt: the actor starred in the comedy "Ricky Staniki"