How to understand that you are with a toxic person? 5 phrases that give it away

No one is perfect, and each of us remembers saying less nice things to our partner sometimes. However, if you're in a relationship where you hear the phrases below a lot, these are signs that you're with a toxic person.

A toxic person has a significant negative impact on others, causing emotional, psychological, or even physical damage. Toxic people are often masters of emotional manipulation, using more or less sophisticated tactics to control, influence, or get what they want from others. This can mean lying, mind games, or exploiting other people's feelings. Do you also have such a partner? Here are some phrases that a toxic person usually says!

"You make me like this!"

If your partner often gets angry and behaves inappropriately, and then accuses you that it is because of you, this is a sign that the problem is not with you, but with him. How a man reacts to what happens to him is his choice. If your partner doesn't want you to resolve conflict in a healthy way when it comes up and always blames you, be careful you're being manipulated.

“Honestly, I call a spade a spade!”

Honesty is an important quality, but excessive honesty used to the detriment of others is a sign that a person who behaves in this way is poisonous. It’s one thing to honestly answer someone’s question, and another thing to bring down various nasty things on him (“Wow, you got fat!”) Just because you are honest.

What, you don't know the joke?

If your partner often makes you nasty remarks, and you respond with what they deserve, and he also gets upset, saying: “Are you kidding me?”, You are dealing with a toxic person. A little mutual teasing from time to time that amuses both of you is normal and shows a strong connection between the two people, but if your partner keeps teasing you and only laughs and you feel hurt, there's a problem somewhere.

"Because I said so!"

He makes all the decisions in your couple, but you have nothing to say? How many times do you try to offer something, but your partner tells you that he knows best and that you will do everything the way he wants? This is typical behavior of a toxic person who wants to keep everything under control, including those around them.

“I only accept positive thinking!”

Positive thinking is essential to achieving our goals and not getting discouraged by obstacles, but from time to time each of us needs to complain a little about the difficulties we are going through. If your partner never lets you speak, doesn't talk about what's bothering you, interrupts you, and tells you to think positively, it's a sign that he doesn't take your emotions and feelings seriously.


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How to understand that you are with a toxic person? 5 phrases that give it away