How sleeping in separate beds can save your relationship?

Sleep disturbances can lead to fatigue, problems with memory, attention and concentration. If they are caused by snoring or your partner's arousal, it may not hurt to make some changes. Also take into account the so-called sleep divorce, sleeping on separate beds.

A dream about divorce involves a couple agreeing to sleep separately so that you both can rest better. This custom can be established on weekday evenings. Even if the term "divorce" has a negative connotation, a new study cited by Best Life highlights its positive consequences.

The reason why some couples resort to breaking up at night

A 2023 sleep study found that about 33% of respondents preferred to sleep in a separate bed than their partner, suggesting that this idea is not that unusual. Another study published in the journal Contemporary Biology shows that "co-sleeping is not always positive, and insomnia can be transmitted between partners."

Lord's Divorce Could Be a Positive Change

Therapists who work with couples encourage sleeping in separate beds because it can reduce resentment and frustration. Quality sleep correlates with relationship health. Partners who sleep better are more empathetic, compassionate, and flexible.

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On the other hand, experts note that there are some steps you should take to avoid problems if you decide to sleep separately. First, it is recommended that both partners agree. This needs to be discussed if you want separate beds or even sleep in separate rooms. Divorce in a dream can take many forms and develop over time. For example, some couples only sleep apart during the week or on certain days, especially if the partners have different work schedules.

This way you will avoid the risk of being disconnected!

When it comes to divorce in a dream, intimacy comes into question, and experts agree that it is important for partners to set aside time for this and schedule their meetings. One option is to establish a bedtime routine that brings you together. It could be a kiss goodnight, a hug, or watching a movie together.

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How sleeping in separate beds can save your relationship?