Chinese cars in Russia: what you need to know before buying

Friends, you have probably already noticed that Chinese cars are rapidly conquering the Russian market. Until recently they were viewed with a fair amount of skepticism, but today they are already breathing down the necks of European, Japanese and Korean brands. Attractive prices, rich equipment, constantly growing quality - you must agree, these are powerful arguments! In this article I will share my thoughts about cars from the Middle Kingdom and try to sort everything out.

Technical characteristics and reliability

When talking about Chinese cars, one cannot fail to mention their technical characteristics and reliability. After all, it is these parameters that largely determine how comfortable, safe and durable our iron horse will be. And here, cars from the Middle Kingdom have their own strengths and weaknesses.

A close look at a car's taillight

Engines and transmissions: from naturally aspirated to turbocharged, with automatics, robots and CVTs

Do you know what pleasantly surprises modern Chinese cars? Wide selection of power units! Here you will find both the usual naturally aspirated engines and fashionable turbo engines. If you love classic slot machines, please. You can view the latest sophisticated car models from the Middle Kingdom on the website Whether you prefer robots or CVTs is also not a problem. Engineers from the Middle Kingdom are clearly not sitting idly by, introducing advanced technologies. Of course, questions about reliability and service life still remain, but progress is evident!

Safety: crash test results and prospects for improvement

What about security? Here the Chinese are no strangers either. Many models have already successfully passed independent crash tests using the C-NCAP and Euro NCAP methods, showing very good results.

Of course, we can’t reach the leaders of the global automobile industry yet, but they also started once. But Chinese manufacturers are actively investing in new developments, so the prospects are the brightest.


Anti-corrosion protection: the weak point of most models

The fly in the ointment is corrosion resistance. Let’s be honest, protection against rust is clearly not the specialty of the Chinese automobile industry. Thin metal, not the highest quality paintwork - this is the result. It especially hits cars in regions where roads are generously sprinkled with reagents. But in fairness, I note that here the Chinese do not stand still. The quality of metal and paint is slowly improving, and some manufacturers are already offering an increased guarantee against through corrosion. So, let's hope this problem can be solved.

Options and prices

Options and prices are perhaps the main trump cards of Chinese cars. After all, hand on heart, it is the rich equipment with a reasonable price tag that often becomes the decisive factor in favor of cars from the Middle Kingdom. And here they really have something to brag about.

Rich equipment even in basic versions

But do you know why Chinese cars really touch the soul? The richest equipment! Moreover, not only in the top versions, but also in the basic versions. Judge for yourself: air conditioning, heated seats, multimedia, rear view camera, parking sensors - all this is often included in the base. And the top configurations are absolutely amazing: you get a leather interior, a panoramic roof, and a virtual dashboard. Even other premium models will be jealous!

Car interior from China

Advantages of Chinese cars in terms of price-equipment ratio

Agree, when it comes to the maximum possible for a minimum of money, the Chinese have no equal. Take, for example, a typical crossover from the Middle Kingdom. For the same amount that they ask for an “empty” Korean or European analogue, you can take a “Chinese” in the middle, or even top-end configuration. The benefit is obvious! Of course, in some places you will have to make compromises: in some places the materials are simpler, in others the ergonomics are worse. But if the main thing for you is maximum bells and whistles for reasonable money, then you won’t find a better option.

Pricing policy and prospects for price growth

By the way, about prices. We all understand: dumping cannot be done endlessly, and sooner or later the price tags for “Chinese” products will creep up. Already, many brands are slowly getting rid of the “budget” image, introducing more expensive and well-equipped models to the market. Again, the general rise in car prices plays a role. And yet, even taking these factors into account, Chinese cars will likely remain a very attractive proposition. Moreover, if production is localized in Russia.

Aftermarket and service

The secondary market and maintenance are perhaps the main horror stories that frighten potential buyers of Chinese cars. They say that it will be difficult to sell such a car later, you won’t be able to find spare parts during the day, and repairing it outside of branded service stations will be more expensive. But is everything really that bad?

Prices on the secondary market and their dependence on reliability and cost of ownership

But with liquidity in the secondary market, things are not going smoothly for the “Chinese”. Let's face it, some people are still wary of them, questioning their reliability and worrying about possible maintenance problems. Hence the faster loss in price compared to competitors. But you know what? The situation is slowly changing for the better! The quality and reliability of Chinese cars are growing, and common fears are often exaggerated. So, it is possible that in the foreseeable future we will see a completely different picture on the secondary market.

Modern car

Availability of spare parts and difficulty of repairs outside the official network

A separate topic is spare parts and repairs. To be honest, there are certain difficulties here. Not all independent services will undertake to repair a Chinese car, and there may be problems with the parts. Especially if we are talking about a rare or niche model. But not everything is so gloomy here! The situation is gradually improving: specialized service stations are appearing, and the availability of spare parts is increasing. And Chinese manufacturers themselves are working on this issue.

Warranty and after-sales service

By the way, about the guarantee. To dispel doubts about the reliability of their cars, the Chinese often give very generous commitments - up to 5-7 years or 150 thousand kilometers. Moreover, often with an increased period for the body and paintwork. Sounds great, doesn't it? But there is a nuance: official service from dealers will cost a pretty penny. Especially against the backdrop of the general availability of the car. Therefore, many owners, having left the warranty period, prefer to have their repairs done at independent services. Fortunately, they are also gradually mastering the specifics of the “Chinese”.


Well, friends, let's sum it up? As for me, the Chinese auto industry is already serious and for a long time. Whether you like it or not, these guys have firmly established themselves in our market and are clearly not going to give up their position. Judge for yourself: attractive prices, rich equipment, steady growth in quality - isn’t this enough? Yes, there are still some shortcomings, but progress is obvious!

And you know what's most interesting? The Chinese auto industry is developing at such a pace that it is time to expect surprises. There are already very worthy offers in the model ranges of many brands, but only God knows what will happen next. So, if you are still wary of cars from the Middle Kingdom, it’s time to reconsider your views. It's possible that your next car will come from China. And, I dare to assure you, you won’t regret it at all!

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Chinese cars in Russia: what you need to know before buying