Coffee, the secret of a beautiful garden. This will also help you get gorgeous hydrangeas!

Using coffee grounds can bring many benefits to your garden. It promotes healthy plant development, repels unwanted insects and even produces gorgeous blue hydrangeas. Here's how you can use it!

Ground coffee can be used as a natural fertilizer because it contains nitrogen, magnesium and potassium, important nutrients for plant growth and development. "Coffee grounds are a great addition to compost because they're high in nitrogen, which is a key component for plant growth," Los Angeles-based specialist Chia-Ming, who recommends adding coffee grounds to your regular compost, explains to Reader's Digest. He also recommends using eggshells for balanced soil. Read here how they help you have beautiful and healthy plants!

Advice: For plant growth and development, mix some coffee grounds with warm water, pour the liquid into a container, spray the solution onto the soil and mix the soil well. This trick works for both garden and potted plants.

Gets rid of unwanted insects

Want to get rid of unwanted insects in your garden? Use coffee grounds, which repel certain insects such as ants, slugs and mosquitoes: "This may be due to the strong aroma of the coffee, which masks the smell of the plant and may make it less attractive to insects," the specialist notes. To use it, all you have to do is sprinkle coffee grounds at the base of your plants or where there are bugs.

This will help you get the blue hydrangeas you want.

If you want your blue hydrangeas to have that beautiful color, coffee grounds will help because they have a neutral pH. “The color of many types of hydrangeas is dictated by the pH of the soil,” says the specialist. All you need to do is apply coffee grounds to the soil at the base of the hydrangea. Also keep in mind to purchase species that are known to produce flowers of that color.

Advice: It is important not to exaggerate the amount of coffee used, as coffee can damage the plants!

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Coffee, the secret of a beautiful garden. This will also help you get gorgeous hydrangeas!