Baptized, awarded at the release of a documentary about Gianni Versace. Director Vincent de Paul at the premiere in Bucharest! "I'm more than satisfied"

Catalin Botezatu received the highest award in the fashion industry on the occasion of the release of the documentary film “The Living Genius of Gianni Versace” in Bucharest. Director Vincent de Paul came to Romania for the first time for the release of a film he shot together with Eduard Irimia.

Vincent de Paul with Oana and Edouard IrimiaCatalin Botezatu with director Vincent de Paul Foto I Succes Flavia Kovaciu and Oana Irimia, organizers of the gala concert “Health, beauty and lifestyle” Director Vincent de Paul came to Romania for the first time.Cesar Huatu (43) and his girlfriend Raluca Jurca (24) made an elegant appearance at the I Success Health gala.Carmen Bruma shone on the red carpet Photo I Succes Flavia Kovaciu and Oana Irimia, organizers of the gala concert “Health, beauty and lifestyle”

The first autumn Health, Beauty and Lifestyle Gala, a red carpet event similar to those held overseas, took place in mid-October at the Luceafărul Hall in Bucharest. On this occasion, the world premiere of the documentary “The Living Genius of Gianni Versace” took place, and Catalin Botezatu (56 years old) added another trophy to his shelf with 300 awards received throughout his career. The designer has been named a Romanian fashion icon.

The documentary “The Genius of Gianni Versace Lives” was presented at the event!

In addition to the awards, guests of the gala concert also had a surprise: they were the first in the world to watch the documentary film “The Genius of Gianni Versace Live,” which captured the most important moments in the life of the famous fashion designer Gianni Versace. .

The production features celebrities such as Elton John, Jon Bon Jovi, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford. The worldwide release of the documentary also brought director Vincent de Paul to Bucharest.

A former model for the famous Italian designer, the 55-year-old director felt the need to pay tribute to the famous fashion designer, who was killed on the steps of his Miami Beach home on July 15, 1997.

“I am more than happy to be in the capital of Romania and present here the documentary film I worked on. I wish you all the best and am very happy to share this with you!” Vincent de Paul, director of the documentary, told us.

The documentary's production team also includes Eduard Irimia, known in Romania mainly for the gala concerts Local Kombat and SuperKombat, who has become increasingly involved in the creation of cinematic productions in recent years after creating the company SuperFilm.

Cesar Huatu came on the arm of his girlfriend Raluca, who is 19 years younger.

Cesar Huatu (43) and his girlfriend Raluca Jurca (24) made a particularly elegant appearance on the red carpet of the Gala I Success Health, Beauty and Lifestyle Awards, where the soloist was invited to sing at the opening.

“A high-class event with worthy people around an inspiring idol and artist, creator and legend of fashion, as he was and will remain thanks to the legacy left to humanity, Gianni Versace,” the countertenor wrote on Instagram.

Cesar Huatu is madly in love with Raluca Jurca, a professional make-up artist, a woman who could convince him to come to the altar as soon as possible.

“I'm happy, I'm satisfied. I sit and think that it is not the years of life that are important, but the life of these years, how you spend them.

The fact that I am with Raluca, and I have been with her in difficult times, and we build together, help each other, both professionally and personally... I have the feeling that we understand each other as well as if we We’ve been together for several years,” the artist admitted in the “Merutse” program on the Pro TV channel.

Carmen Bruma was the "Lady in Red"! He took the eyes!

Carmen Bruma was also awarded the Inspiration and Transformation Award for her Guide to Beauty and Health at 40, thanks to weight loss programs that encourage women to achieve their desired figure, regardless of age. Mircea's friend Badya dazzled on the red carpet in an elegant, body-hugging and fire-red red, catching the eyes of the guests attending the gala.

Oana Turcu Branco, presenter and entrepreneur, received the Excellence Award for her 23 years of work in the field of dermatocosmetics.

Another name from the fashion industry honored at the gala was Bianca Rusu, a designer known for her spectacular creations who has taken the Arab world by storm since the launch of her first collection.

Ioana Calin, who specializes in creating wedding dresses, was also on the list of winners, receiving the title of master wedding dress designer.

The event also contributed to the emergence of a new generation of talent in this field: at just 5 years old, Ingrid Büli presented her first clothing collection at the “Health, Beauty and Lifestyle” gala to the applause of the audience: “Every child is an artist of his own craft.” life!”, conveyed with great confidence to the young woman.

Among the winners of the publication were: Damian Nedescu, awarded the “Social Entrepreneurship – Outstanding Achievement and Dedication” prize for 20 years in improving the lives of children with autism, and autistic rights activist Ovidiu Platon, founder of the association. “suntAutist” was awarded for fighting stigma and promoting a mindful view of neurodiversity among autistic people, not for autistic people, while Lily Kovaci, an expert in working with adults and children diagnosed with autism, received an award for her contribution and support. alternative and complementary communication PECS in Romania for children and adults with communication difficulties.

Prizes were also awarded to the Romanian film world: Oana Carmaciu, the talented actress from the series “Sacrifice”, was awarded the award for excellence in acting.

“Through the concept of Health, Beauty and Lifestyle, we want to demonstrate that beauty comes in many forms and can manifest itself in different areas. We strive to continue bringing you success stories that deserve to be promoted.

The gala, already an event with tradition, represents an opportunity to celebrate in its own way the outstanding contribution of professionals and brands who, through their activities, add value to the image of our country,” Flavia Covaciu, co-founder of I, told us Success.

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Baptized, awarded at the release of a documentary about Gianni Versace. Director Vincent de Paul at the premiere in Bucharest! "I'm more than satisfied"