Who is the Romanian who bought Will Smith's house? Adrian Guilet took $2 million out of his pocket

Romanian Adrian Guila, 38, became the talk of the town online after purchasing the home of famous actor Will Smith for approximately $2 million.

Adrian Guilet, a successful businessman in the United States of America, has distinguished himself in various fields of activity, including real estate, construction, oil and car washes.

Who is Adrian Guilet?


Adrian Gila was born in Bucharest, sector 6, in 1985. He went through important life experiences starting in 2008 when he decided to leave Romania with his Romanian girlfriend. After moving to the United States, they opened their first construction company and then a green car wash business. Success in business brought Gila the status of a millionaire in America and allowed him to purchase the luxurious home of the famous Will Smith.

What does a house bought by a Romanian look like?


The architecturally impressive house, purchased by Adrian Guilet, has 5 bedrooms and two living rooms, all individually decorated. The businessman admitted that the decision to buy a house was influenced by his children, especially the positive energy they radiate.

“It is very beautiful, I made it in my style, and there is this fame behind it. It has 5 rooms, bedrooms, because they are different there. There are two living rooms, more. Almost two million (no price). I accepted this for a while. Yes, I decided that because of my children, they have very good energy,” said Adrian Guila for Antena Stars.

His business attracted famous clients

Adrian Guilet also stands out for his approach to business, in which he engages in constant self-education. After creating eco-friendly car washes, his business attracted celebrities such as Wiz Khalifa and Jim Carrey.

“I have a lot of celebrities who use our services and laundries. Everything is different there, the laws, the language, I thought I spoke English until I got there and realized it wasn’t that good. After 2-3 years, I started to get used to entering this system of theirs, and I really liked it. It was difficult because in 2008 there was a recession, the opportunities are very large, the purchasing power is great,” added Guile.

Thanks to his business success and impressive lifestyle, Adrian Guila has become a success story for Romanians who intend to take the entrepreneurial path abroad.

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Who is the Romanian who bought Will Smith's house? Adrian Guilet took $2 million out of his pocket