Personal budget under control: ideas on how to keep your finances under control

Increasingly, the concept of a personal budget is being used, especially since now every family has increased expenses, and the most pressing demands from the wallet the most.

Here are 5 solutions to help you spend money wisely and prioritize exactly what you need.

Smart rates

Nowadays, most Romanians have loans, whether personal or mortgage. They have recently changed due to the increase in some bank indices, so that all bank customers have to pay much higher amounts than originally expected.

In such a situation, and in conditions where you cannot afford to pay new amounts, the best solution is to refinance the loan. This approach is desirable precisely in order not to get into the view of credit bureaus because you are late or did not pay installments at all. That's why refinancing gives you the amount you need to pay off the loan, as well as new terms and amounts that can suit you much better.

Eliminate non-essential expenses

Of course, the lifestyle is adapted to the financial possibilities we have. And it is even desirable to indulge yourself from time to time. However, when we talk about expenses that are no longer current in relation to our needs, we can eliminate them without problems. This may be temporary and we can return to these services when we need them, but do not pay without using them.

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In addition, experts have shown that for this type of non-essential expense, if we delay the purchase for a few more days, it will no longer be so important. From this it follows that we, rather, succumbed to the impulse and, doing the exercise of delay, we manage to control it.

Income Sharing

In particular, the budget that you have each month and stick to is the ideal solution. You know exactly how much you spend and how much you get. Your income should be spread across several areas: basic food expenses, bill payments, installments, and medical services. Further, we are talking about money directed to the small pleasures of life, education, culture, and, finally, a reserve fund for completely unforeseen cases.

In addition, experts recommend that part of our finances be reinvested and circulated to turn into long-term passive income and thus solve the dilemma of spending more than income.

Change Monitoring

Even the commission indicated on your account statement without your knowledge should raise questions. Perhaps they did not have enough prolongations, as provided for in the contract, so the bank had to apply an administrative fee. Any other service charge changes that do not match what you were aware of can be verified by reading the details in the invoice attachments.

It is important to review your service agreements to see if you have missed any information. If it doesn't, you can certainly find a public relations number where you can ask for clarification. Household expenses are one of the areas where the largest amounts go, so you should pay attention to fairness.


When you have enough time to compare market prices for the same product or service, you will definitely notice some price difference for the same features. That is why it is also normal to buy a product with less additive and with the same level of quality. In the long run, these small savings will pay off.

These are just a few ideas that you can apply if they suit your lifestyle. Spending money wisely is the best way to stay within your own budget these days. Tailor things on the fly and identify potential savings or spending on now prioritized spending. You will notice that at the end of the month you will have no overdue bills and you will be able to easily budget for your next dream vacation.

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Personal budget under control: ideas on how to keep your finances under control