The best place to store potatoes without seedlings. Bonus: Signs That Can't Be Consumed

Do your potatoes sprout soon after you buy them? Here's how to keep them in good condition even for six months!

Storing potatoes in a suitable place affects their long-term stability. According to the British Food Standards Agency, potatoes should be stored in the refrigerator or in a cool, dry place.

Experts have previously warned against storing potatoes in the refrigerator as the potential health risks of storing them at low temperatures have been highlighted. In the refrigerator, potatoes can form acrylamide, a substance initially associated with cancer risk. However, what is the best way to store potatoes?

Put them in a dark, ventilated place

Potatoes need to be stored in a cool, dark place, otherwise the light will lead to photosynthesis and germination, as noted by the Daily Express. Also, it would be ideal if the temperature was around 10°C. So, if you want them to stop sprouting, you need to put the potatoes in paper bags that you put in a dark place, a closet on the porch, in the garden shed. Do not choke them in plastic bags or near onions or other vegetables or fruits. They will cook each other too quickly, so the potatoes should be stored separately.

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So you prevent early germination!

Choose large potatoes with thick skins. They should not have traces of impacts, scuffs, mold, stains. Remove any dirt, but do not wash the potatoes, as the moisture encourages germination. Place the potatoes on a sheet of newspaper or paper in a dark, cool place. It would be ideal if air could circulate between them. Thus, they can be kept in good condition for several weeks.

Signs that they are no longer good

Do not eat potatoes that show visible signs that they are no longer edible. Gardening is one of them. Potatoes turn green when exposed to light and may contain toxins, so they should not be eaten. Also, if they have soft spots or are damp, it is better not to add them to the dishes. A bad smell is an indicator of spoiled potatoes. Fresh potatoes smell like the soil they grew in, while rotten potatoes smell like mold.

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The best place to store potatoes without seedlings. Bonus: Signs That Can't Be Consumed