"World of the Wild West": photos of the beautiful actresses of the popular series

The scenery, the work of the cameramen and the play of the actors made the series "The World of the Wild West" another masterpiece product from HBO, which managed to gather a large army of fans who definitely will not refuse the addition of new episodes, but best of all seasons. Amazingly talented and charming actresses played in this series, which will be discussed now.

#1 Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood in a blue dress

Evan Rachel Wood in a green dress

Evan was born in North Carolina in 1987. She started her professional career as a model, at the same time trying herself in music and attending auditions. Before playing the android Dolores, the actress appeared in episodic roles in many more or less well-known American television series. Today, Evan has a nomination for the Emmy Award, as well as the Critics' Choice and Golden Globe awards, which marked her acting talent.

#2 Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton smiling

Thandie Newton in a black dress

Tandy was born in 1972 in Britain, where she took up dancing. Tandy's stories about herself are very exciting and at your leisure you should definitely get to know them personally. Currently, Tandy is a very famous American actress who has repeatedly starred in Hollywood blockbusters and worked on the same set with the greatest giants of our time. Filming in this series has already brought Tende the Emmy Award for Best Actress.

№3 Ingrid Bulso Berdal

Ingrid Bulso Berdal smiles

Ingrid Bulso Berdal in a black dress

Ingrid was born in Norway in 1980. After graduating from the National Academy of Arts, Ingrid decided to try herself in the cinematic field and, judging by what we can see today, it turned out very well. The actress has several roles in popular TV series and box office blockbusters, as well as the Amanda statuette for Best Actress.

#4 Sidse Babette Knudsen

Sidse Babette Knudsen in a white shirt

Sidse Babette Knudsen actress

Sidse is Danish, born in 1968. In her homeland, Sidse is considered to be almost the most popular and famous actress who has played in many American and Hollywood films, as well as in numerous Danish television series.

№5 Angela Sarafyan

Angela Sarafyan portrait

Angela Sarafyan in a black dress

Angela is practically our compatriot, since she comes from Soviet Armenia, where she was born in 1980. When the girl was 14 years old, her parents decided to leave Yerevan and move to permanent residence in the United States and chose California for this. Proximity to Hollywood has done its job and here we have Angela - a successful American actress who regularly appears in popular television series. By the way, Angel has one Oscar nomination.

#6 Shannon Woodward

Shannon Woodward portrait

shannon woodward watching

Shannon was born in 1984 in Arizona. After moving to Florida with his parents at the age of 7, the future Westworld star landed his first role on a Nickelodeon children's television series. In Shannon's piggy bank there are a considerable number of roles, including iconic ones.

#7 Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson smiling

Tessa Thompson in a white dress

Tessa was born in Los Angeles in 1983. Today, this actress does not need a special introduction, as she is experiencing the real flowering of her career, often starring in cult films and actively gives interviews in which she talks about her position in relation to inequality, both racial and gender.

#8 Katya Mira Gerbers

Katya Mira Gerbers portrait

Katya Mira Gerbers in a beautiful dress

Katya is from Amsterdam, where she was born in 1980. Katya's acting career began at home, with television series. After Katya became more or less recognizable, she decided to move to Germany and continue her career there, and she did it perfectly. In 2003, she accepted an offer to star in an American TV series and moved first to work and then live in the USA. The actress is fluent in several languages.

#9 Julia Jones

Julia Jones portrait

julia jones wild west world

Julia was born in 1981 in the US state of Massachusetts. She has been doing ballet since the age of four. While the girl was educated at Columbia University, she was still building her modeling career, starring in various commercials. In one of them, Hollywood filmmakers noticed her and offered to work for them. Julia could not but accept this offer, and thanks to her consent, today she has become a famous American actress.

#10 Talulah Riley

Talulah Riley portrait

Talulah Riley laughs

Talulah was born in England in 1985. Her work in films began in her homeland, where she managed to star in several cult television series, among which was Doctor Who. After that, marry the notorious Elon Musk today and move to the states, divorce two years later and continue building his very successful film career, but already in Hollywood.

Of course, we can also recall the two charming Japanese actresses Kiki Sukezane and Tao Okamoto, as well as the American Lena Waite, despite the fact that they played less significant roles in this series. It is worth recognizing that the geography of the casting service of the Wild West World only confirms the popularity of the actresses of the series.

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"World of the Wild West": photos of the beautiful actresses of the popular series