Can you find the hidden match in this picture? Only people with sharp eyesight can find it at a glance!

Optical illusions test our ability to observe and perceive, as well as train the speed of thinking. According to, people who train their eyesight daily by noticing details in optical illusions improve their concentration and observation skills. Look closely at the cards in the picture and try to find the hidden match within 15 seconds maximum.

This image puts viewers in a difficult position, mainly due to the fact that it is overloaded with cards. Due to the tightness of the elements, it is difficult to notice important details. However, a sharp-sighted person will be able to detect a hidden match in a maximum of 15 seconds. What category are you in?

Did you find a match

If you found a match and met the allotted time, then you have excellent powers of observation and you are attentive to details. In addition, you are not satisfied with looking at things as a whole, but prefer to pay attention to the details around you.

If you don't find a match

Try to look closely at the upper left corner of the image. Do you notice anything out of the ordinary? If not, try taking a closer look at the book tabs. The match can be found on the pages of the book.


Do you know that…

…do optical illusions originate from Ancient Greece? Greek artists apparently used them in architecture and artwork.

... in 5 BC. Greek philosopher named Epicharmus tried to explain the concept of optical illusion? Epicharm believed that it is not the human brain that is “guilty” of misperceiving certain images, but the feelings that betray us. According to the Greek philosopher, it is normal to perceive certain images due to the senses (especially sight and hearing) that send the wrong signals to the brain. However, not all philosophers of that time agreed with Epigarmus' theory.

Anka-Theodora Popa


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Can you find the hidden match in this picture? Only people with sharp eyesight can find it at a glance!