Setting up a home library

Until recently, having a library at home was very prestigious, fashionable and presentable, but now, in the age of technical innovations, libraries have become unpopular. However, despite all the technical innovations, there are people who love to hold a book in their hands, love to read and reread their favorite stories. It is for such people that we wanted to give some tips on how to equip a home library.

Ideal and optimal arrangement

Ideally, a library could have a whole separate room that would become a repository for your books and a place where you could hide from prying eyes and immerse yourself in reading or researching any issue. In this case, the library could also serve as a study. But in apartments, it is almost impossible to allocate a separate room for a library. Therefore, we will consider other options for arranging a home library.

Library in white
Image: Library in white

So, if your house or your apartment does not allow you to allocate a room for the library, then you can think about placing bookcases, as well as a comfortable reading chair, and all these pieces of furniture must be placed so that they harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the room.

The most optimal room for this purpose is the living room, but you need to consider the placement of the bookcase. Sometimes you can find a suitable place for a bookcase in the hallway. Also, the bookcase may well fit into the interior of the bedroom. In order for the cabinet to fit exactly into your interior, you can not buy a ready-made one, but design it yourself, focusing on your interior and free space. This will also make the interior original.

Now let's talk about the size of the library

If it is large enough, then it makes sense to equip it with cabinets with doors, this will to some extent simplify the care of books, and the shelves on which they will stand, since in this case the dust will settle much less. If there are not so many books, then open shelves are quite suitable, on which the entire library will be located.

Separate library
Image: Separate library

If your library consists of many books, then do not forget to organize them in order to find the necessary ones in the best way.

Usually a library, in addition to a bookcase or shelves with books, also includes a small space for reading books, which can be placed nearby. There you can put a small sofa or chair, and provide comfortable lighting. For the most part, basic lighting for reading books is not enough, so a bright lamp in the reading area will come in handy.

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Setting up a home library