She went for a walk in just her underwear! Everyone stopped to look at her

What a look! Actress Philip Price (51) attracted attention on the street in Alabama, USA. The American star stepped out for a walk with her dog in a stroller, wearing red lingerie and a mesh swimsuit in the same shade.

Phoebe Price, who has a net worth of $5 million, wore a lace bodysuit with a plunging neckline that turned heads. The redhead protected herself from the sun with a red hat and the cold with a thick scarf.

On her feet, Price wore knee-high boots with spiked heels. Her puppy, a Yorkshire terrier named Arnold, sat well in his carrier and did not pay attention to his owner's attention. Otherwise, the star takes it with her everywhere and uses it as an “accessory” in all her photo shoots. Phoebe Price allowed herself to be photographed from all angles, including at the market after buying a bouquet of flowers.

Phoebe Price, photo from all angles (Photo: Profimedia)

Who is Phoebe Price and what films did she star in?

Phoebe Price was born in 1972 in Alabama. As a child, she flirted with the world of modeling and then wanted to become a Hollywood actress. Although she tried to become famous, the actress had only small roles, remaining a D-grade celebrity. Phoebe Price starred in several Hollywood films, including the sci-fi comedies Sex, Broken Blood, Victim and Roberto. She also appeared in an episode of The X-Files. Most of the time Phoebe Price is in the press for the revealing outfits she wears in public. During the Hollywood actors' strike, she showed up to the protest in her underwear and apparently with her pet in tow.

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She went for a walk in just her underwear! Everyone stopped to look at her