Mistakes that lead to the installation of mold in the bathroom. Discover them and stay away from them!

Mold stains can quickly take root in a bathroom, especially if a few rules are not followed. Here are the most common mistakes that can contribute to the appearance of these mushrooms!

Most often, mold spots appear in the bathroom because they are favored by humidity. These stains can be dangerous, especially for people with weakened immune systems, because they can cause infection, irritation, breathing problems, or allergies.

So, in order to stay away from them, you must first find out what mistakes can lead to a rapid colonization of mold in the bathroom.

Leaving wet clothes on the bathroom floor

Leaving wet items on the bathroom floor or other areas in the room will encourage mold to grow. It is best to dry a T-shirt, fabric or towel on a radiator designed for drying textile materials, or on a clothes dryer that can be placed on a balcony, courtyard or terrace.

You don't clean the bathroom when you should

To get rid of mold stains, it is recommended to disinfect the bathroom once a week. “Mold loves damp and dark places, so if left uncleaned, the bathroom is the perfect place for it. Make sure you clean your bathroom at least once a week,” Phi Dang says in an interview with Best Life.

It is also equally important to wipe damp surfaces after each shower. For shower windows, you can use a shower scraper or a towel. If there is moisture in the bathroom, it does not hurt to quickly wipe the mirrors and furniture!

You forgot to clean the fan

To prevent the appearance of mold, it is necessary to monitor the health of the fan in the bathroom and clean it. In particular, during general cleaning, make sure that there are no dust particles on the fan. Also, if your bathroom has a window, be sure to ventilate the room at least once a day.

Advice: When renovating your bathroom, choose mold-resistant products that will protect your room from the formation of unwanted fungus!

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Mistakes that lead to the installation of mold in the bathroom. Discover them and stay away from them!