Gardener's mistakes that affect flowers. Avoid them and enjoy the beautiful garden!

Due to inattention or ignorance, any gardener can make mistakes that affect the growth and development of plants. Avoid them and enjoy a beautiful and well maintained garden!

To keep the flowers in your garden healthy, watering the plants is extremely important. However, there are some common mistakes that most gardeners make, such as watering flowers at the wrong time of day. It is generally accepted that plants need more water during the hottest hours of the day. In fact, watering flowers in the middle of the day is ineffective. If you water the plants in the heat of the midday sun, then most of the water will evaporate before reaching the roots. In addition, there is a risk that the flowers will be damaged. It is best to water the plants in the morning when the temperature is cooler than the rest of the day. Evening is also a good option, but you should avoid wetting the leaves because moisture can damage parts of the plant.

Over watering

If you love your plants too much, you might be tempted to overwater them. Too much water can cause problems such as root rot. Each flower has its own needs: some need constant water, while others do not.

To check the plant's moisture level, press the soil down with your finger. If it is wet and cool to the touch, then this means that there is enough moisture and the plant does not need water, and if it is dry, it is probably time to water the flower.

Use of tap water

If you can, water your plants with natural rainwater, not tap water! Rainwater is a natural, chemical-free resource with a good pH for most garden plants, while tap water can contain chlorine and fluoride, which are harmful to some flowers. If you can't collect rainwater, pour tap water into a bowl and let it sit overnight as it will help dissipate the chlorine.

Too much pressure

If you prefer to water your plants with a hose, water with low pressure. Otherwise, the leaves may be damaged due to high pressure, especially the leaves of young plants or seedlings. Ideally, use an adjustable nozzle and test the pressure away from the plants before you start watering them.

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Gardener's mistakes that affect flowers. Avoid them and enjoy the beautiful garden!