Weird nonsense that Shakira sang to Pique on Valentine's Day

The song "I can kill my ex", the singer continues the series "revenge on the former" ...

The song Shakira sang to Pique on Valentine's Day went viral. The video was published by the artist herself in her social accounts. Netizens were surprised by this initiative and supported Shakira.

The Colombian-born singer was filmed moping in the kitchen while singing the hugely popular SZA track "Kill Bill". Fans were immediately bombarded with encouraging messages, some of them even amused by her idea.

The song Shakira sang to Pique on Valentine's Day

The song that Shakira sang to Pique on Valentine's Day is hugely popular on all social media, being a trend. The famous song tells about a woman who is rejected by her loved one, but becomes a victim of revenge on her former partner.

In the video, Shakira was dressed in a provocative black outfit. The jumpsuit worn by the singer had a bold neckline. Even though she was in the kitchen of her house, Shakira also chose to wear a pair of black boots with very high heels.

The show actually kicks off when Shakira begins to mope in the kitchen, singing the lyrics to Pique.

“I could kill my ex/Not a good idea/His new girlfriend is next, how did I get here?” – “I can kill my ex / Not the best idea / His new girlfriend is coming, how did we get here?”.

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Shakira, 46, hinted at Pique's relationship with his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, writes PageSix.com.

Some netizens also joked about the new couple. “Clara and Piqué are watching this video,” wrote one user. Another user continued with a joke: "Do it Shakira, I'll cover you 🥰".

Shakira's relationship with Gerard Pique

Shakira and former soccer player Gerard Pique met in 2010. He starred in the video for the song "Waka Waka", performed by the artist. The song became very famous, especially because it was the official song of the World Cup that year.

International media reported that Piqué started a relationship with Marty while he was still with Shakira. The former football player hired Clara Chia Marti to his company, and that's when the problems began, writes Marca.com.

Clara Chia Marty

Later, information was published, according to which Shakira found out about the betrayal of her partner. An empty jam jar from the artist's refrigerator was the proof the singer needed. Neither Piqué nor the two boys of the couple usually consumed such a product. So Shakira immediately understood what was really happening.

As for the relationship with two children, Milan, 10 years old, and Sasha, 7 years old, the parents decided to keep in touch for their own sake. There were several meetings between Shakira and Pique regarding custody of the boys. At the moment, both Milana and Sasha live with their mother in Miami.

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Weird nonsense that Shakira sang to Pique on Valentine's Day