Details you didn't know about Kate Middleton

Secrets of the Princess of Wales...

Details about Kate Middleton that you did not know. Secret Secrets of the Princess of Wales

Kate Middleton is always in the spotlight of fans. And since the press has written a lot about her, royal fans think they know her very well. However, there are details about Kate Middleton that you did not know.

The Princess of Wales has always been appreciated for the way she dresses, for the way she raises her children, for participating in charity events. She is married to Prince William, and when they appear at events, all eyes are on them.

Details you didn't know about Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton seems to be capable of anything. From wedding makeup to baking children's birthday cakes. Read on to discover the secrets of the Princess of Wales, who turned 41 on January 9, 2023.

Kate was born in England.

Kate Middleton was born in Reading, England in 1982. At the age of 2 she moved with her family to Amman, Jordan for her father Michael Middleton to work for British Airways.

The Middleton family lived abroad for two and a half years, where the future princess went to kindergarten.

She and her sister Pippa had complementary nicknames

Kate and her younger sister Pippa Middleton once had the same nicknames. Kate made the revelation while visiting her old school, St. Andrew in Pangbourn, ten years ago. Kate asked the young students if they had pets. Then she remembered something sweet from her childhood.

“There was one named Pip and one named Squeak. Because my sister's name was Pippa and my name was Squeak," Kate said, according to The Mirror.

She received the Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Kate had a special bond with Prince Philip before she joined the royal family. While studying at Marlborough College, she participated in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. It is a youth development program founded by Prince Philip, the grandfather of her future husband, Prince William.

“The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a great way for young people to build their confidence. To learn new skills, work in a team and get great pleasure from it, ”she later said. "While receiving my award was a challenge at times, this is one of the most memorable experiences of my childhood and I cannot recommend it more highly."

Kate Middleton

She is into sports

No wonder why she feels so comfortable in sportswear at formal events! Princess Kate grew up playing sports, in particular the high jump, according to her palace biography.

During enrollment at St. Andrew, where she studied from age 4 to 13, she set a track and field record that still stands today, according to The Mirror.

She took a year off before university

After graduating from Marlborough in 2000, Kate took a year off. At the time he was studying at the British Institute in Florence and traveled to Chile to do charity work for Raleigh International.

She entered St. Andrews University in Edinburgh, Scotland the following year and met Prince William there shortly thereafter.

Worked as a waitress for a while

Like many students, Kate worked part-time during her studies. On the BBC special A Berry Royal Christmas in 2019, she revealed that she had been working as a waitress for a while and joked that she wasn't very good at it!

After working in a bar for charity Action on Addiction, Kate told Mary Berry it "reminded me of my university days when I was a bit of a waitress," according to the BBC.

She was part of the women's rowing team

Kate and William briefly separated in April 2007 and reconciled around June. During their breakup, she joined The Sisterhood. This is the intense training of the female dragon boat team to compete with the male team. The goal was to raise money for charity, according to The Telegraph.

“Kate went through all the training and really got into it. She fits very well. But she's also strong in spirit," crew member Emma Sale said at the time.

She never had a photo with Prince William

Although Prince William was the most eligible bachelor of his generation, Princess Kate didn't have his picture on her wall! The couple announced their engagement in November 2010. At the time, Kate denied rumors that she was having an affair with the prince in an interview with ITV.

“Is there a story that says you had his picture on your wall?” asked Kate journalist Tom Bradby.

"He wants! No, I had Levi's boyfriend on my wall,” she laughed. “Not a photograph of William. I'm sorry," she said, patting her fiancé on the knee.

She did her own wedding makeup

A professional was not needed. Princess Kate herself. In April 2011, People wrote that before the royal wedding, Kate took some private lessons with London-based makeup artist Arabella Preston and perfected her makeup skills on her big day.

Wedding planner Mark Nemerko told People that Kate made the decision to "keep normality" in her life.

She bakes birthday cakes for her children.

Kate said she bakes birthday cakes for her three children: Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4. The presentation was also made at A Berry Royal Christmas in 2019.

“I love making cake. It has become a tradition to stay up until midnight with an incredible amount of cake mix and frosting. I do too much," Kate said, according to Hello!. "But I love doing it."

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Details you didn't know about Kate Middleton