Full shock at the Royal House! Prince Harry Summoned a Psychic to Contact Princess Diana

For most of his life, Prince Harry suffered the trauma of losing his mother at a young age. He was only 12 years old when Princess Diana died in a tragic accident in Paris, followed by the paparazzi. In all the stories he cites in his book The Preserve, the greatest suffering and mistakes in his childhood and adolescence are caused, according to the author himself, by this trauma, as well as the cold he experienced between his parents and the oppression of the media. Presents you in the Confessions of Prince Harry series the most important revelations made by the youngest son of the current King of Great Britain Henry III in his autobiography.

He suffered all his childhood and youth due to the fact that it was called "Reserve" and was considered "insignificant", "shadow, support, plan B".

"I didn't think my mother was in a coffin"

• He reports in his book that although his fondest memories are of Balmoral Castle, which he considers "the paradise of his childhood", it was there that he learned the saddest news, such as the death of his mother on August 31, 1997. He describes a scene in which, when he was 12, his father came to wake him up to tell him that Princess Diana had died in a tragic car accident in Paris. “He put his hand on my knee and said: “Dear boy, your mother was in a car accident. (…) I’m afraid she didn’t survive.” He has been marked by this injury for years and reports that until the age of 23 he hoped it would come back. He says that only at the funeral he managed to cry a little: “I cried, but I didn’t think that my mother was in a coffin.”

"How He Wish He Was Here"

• He says that he had periods when the image of the mother was present throughout the day. He woke up saying to himself, "Maybe it's a big day." And after breakfast, "Maybe he'll show up again this morning." And after lunch: "Maybe in the afternoon it will appear again." His obsession did not stop at night, when he had tormenting dreams revolving around the same theme - how his mother would return: either by arranging a triumphant return, or by appearing incognito, in disguise, in which case Harry would ask. her, in a dream: “Mom, is that you?”. But he never received an answer, because every time he woke up at this moment.

He realized that his mother had indeed died only after he asked to see the file drawn up by the police after the accident. and after having himself crossed the Pont d'Alma tunnel at the same speed as the car in which his mother died. But even after that, the memory of his mother returned to his thoughts, even on such holidays as the wedding of his brother William to Kate Middleton in 2011. Then, in church, he was overwhelmed with memories of his mother's funeral, and he confesses: "It was very difficult for me to think that my mother was in the realm of death." Some time later, he will amusingly present the toasts of the knights of honor, even brandishing thongs of royal ermine fur. But he ended his speech in a serious tone, talking about “mommy”: “How he would like her to be here. How she would love Kate and how happy she would be to see the love between the two of you."

Prince Harry had a special relationship with his mother, Princess Diana. Photo: Profimedia

• He also reports that as a child he was very affected by the fact that the staff of the Royal Household, including his father they joked about him being a "flower child". All the rumors, Prince Harry says, started with Major James Hewitt, who was once suspected of being one of Princess Diana's lovers, had very red hair that he looked like. “My mother met him after I was born,” explains Reserve, thus wanting to close bad mouths and gossip once and for all. Harry makes it clear that he was very touched by these jokes, even if they were innocent...

• He admits that he felt all his childhood, until the death of his mother and even while their parents were married, "lack of affection" between his parents. “We (he and William, no) didn’t understand what was going on between them. I felt the lack of affection between them and the warmth of home. William was the first to realize that they had problems, and also suffered a lot because of this, ”says Harry in his book The Reserve.

• He also says that passion for the army comes from childhood, because his favorite toys were the toy soldiers he "projected battles" with and the paintball games he played on the 100% as if they were real battles, with real ammunition.

"It made me feel different"

He had many nicknames. His father and brother call him Harold, although his legal name is Henry Charles Albert David. Most of his friends call him X, others call him Baz, Buzza, Spike, Uskativul and Bazaruni, and his wife calls him Haz.

When he was 17 he was offered a "line of cocaine" in someone's home and used the drug several more times, but insists that media reports that he was addicted to the drug were false. And he also denies that he was placed in a rehab facility. He also talked about using cocaine, abusing alcohol and other drugs: "It was not very fun and did not make me especially happy, but I felt different, and that was my main goal." It is reported by reuters.com. He also told how, as a student at Eton College, he smoked marijuana with other classmates in the bathroom of this educational institution.

• He was very impressed that his father didn't pull his ears when he found out he was using drugs and he says he didn't even stop the avalanche of press articles about it at the time because that's what his image consultant would have advised him to do. Harry hints in his book that the current king, Henry III, was told that the public would benefit from seeing him as a "troubled single parent".

• Also in the chapters where he talks about the memories of adolescence, he admits that then when the guy preferred to go golf or drink beer and smoke weed.

Only at the funeral he could cry, but even then he did not believe that his mother was no longer alive.

• He never felt at the intellectual level required to attend Eton College and says that he had difficulty coping with the rigor and pace of the training. He asked several times to be in classes with "beginners", especially in French, which he could not learn. He was also very annoyed by the clothes there, the black coat and white shirt, which he considered "funeral" and which, because of this, brought back unpleasant memories of his mother's funeral ceremony.

• He says that he succeeded in what he considered impossible, namely take courses at Eton College, and admits that his performance was facilitated by the fact that, in addition to classes, he also meditated for many hours. At that time, he reports that he was accused in the press of copying, that he was "a liar and a fraud", and he wanted to hold a conference at which he would deny this information. However, his father advised him to do as he always did: "Don't complain, never give explanations, and don't pay attention."

• He was noted for being he was unable to hug his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. He recounts in detail one of the times he tried to do this, describing how she left, and he became extremely embarrassed, especially since the scene did not take place in an intimate setting or only in the presence of family members, but in public.

• He also talked about loss of virginity noting that it was an "inglorious episode" - which took place on the grass, behind the bar - that the partner was much older, a lady who loved horses very much and who, perhaps because of this, according to him, treated him like a "young stallion"

“Mom is not dead, she is hiding”

Prince Harry has revealed that he sought the help of a medium to "talk" to his mother after her death. During the session, he was told that Princess Diana was very surprised when Archie's grandson smashed the Queen's Christmas decoration, and that Harry "lived the life he wanted" for you.

Photo: Profimedia

He also admits in his book that he dreamed about her very often, and from the age of 12 to 23, he kept hoping that Princess Diana was not really dead, but was living in hiding and would return at some point in her life. He continued to mentally repeat: "Mom is not dead, she is hiding."

The first big love suffered from the bullying of the press

Also in his book, Harry says that he was always disgusted when he saw the reaction of those who met him, because he did not want to feel like a special person or be loved for the royal title.

Photo: Getty Images

“I wanted to meet a woman who would not bulge her eyes when meeting me,” he says, and this is how he introduces Chelsea Davy, his first love, with whom he had a seven-year relationship.

They also shared a common passion for Africa, as she was originally from Cape Town. The prince says that he thought about formalizing this relationship, noting that he really liked the "future husband's relatives", but in the end they broke up, mainly because she could no longer cope with the bullying of the press ...

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Full shock at the Royal House! Prince Harry Summoned a Psychic to Contact Princess Diana