The Reason Selena Gomez Can't Have Children

In a recent interview given to the American edition of Rolling Stone on the occasion of the release of a documentary about her on Apple TV +, Selena Gomez admitted to health problems.

Selena Gomez opens up about her bipolar disorder. The star has been treated for the condition, which affects her fertility.

"The medication she is taking could prevent her from ever having children," Rolling Stone reported, cited by closemag.fr.

“This is what presses me a lot ... If I want to have children, they are unlikely to be with me,” the star admitted.

Justin Bieber's 30-year-old ex-girlfriend made shocking revelations during an Instagram Live with her friend Miley Cyrus, to whom she told how bipolar disorder has changed her life.

“Not so long ago I visited one of the best mental hospitals in America and realized that thanks to the different experiences that I went through, I am bipolar,” the star said at the time, at the age of 28.

“It helped me a lot to learn more about this disease, which no longer scares me. I also saw it in my family and then wondered what was going on,” said Gomez.

In a documentary about her, the singer wanted to show herself to the world for who she really is so that her fans can get to know her better. The star no longer wants to hide behind celebrity status. She wants to be loved for who she really is, and most of all, that she doesn't need to be associated with another person, as she was when she was in a relationship with Justin Bieber.

What is bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder or manic-depressive disorder is manifested by fluctuations in the emotional state. It is characterized by alternating episodes of elevated (hypo) manic mood and depressive episodes with stages of normalization (euthymia). There are also so-called mixed states, in which depressive elements are mixed with elements of euphoria or irritability.

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The Reason Selena Gomez Can't Have Children