The use of eco-style in the interior

Nowadays, in the interior of the house you can often find environmental themes. The basis of eco-style is harmony with nature. It does not contain clear definitions and conditions. Having made a piece of paradise out of your house, you can take a break every day from the reinforced concrete buildings of the city.

Ecostyle has its advantages. There are no clear principles here, so connect all your imagination. And some decor elements can be made with your own hands, using natural materials. The use of natural elements in ecostyle creates a good microclimate. This style is perfect for meditation, because everything in it is aimed at finding harmony and relaxation.

Green apartment
Image: Green apartment

The beauty of pristine nature should inspire the creation of a personal interior. Designers often prefer the theme of the forest. In such an interior, natural wood, bark, branches and even trees, both dwarf and seedlings in a flower pot, are used. In the interior of the living room and bedroom, a floral theme is often used. And when decorating a children's room in an eco-style, they use mountain and sea themes.

Ecostyle always implies the presence of plants. It is not necessary to use flowers in vases or pots. You can give preference to painted plants or artificial herbalists. They will make the interior fresh and light.

Apartment with a green area
Image: Apartment with green space

Ecostyle colors should be dominated by natural colors, mainly brown and green. You can also use straw, sand and floral shades. And you can dilute or emphasize everything using white.

Since only natural materials are appropriate in eco-style, appropriate elements should be used to decorate the room. To decorate the ceiling, blue or white ecological paint, wooden beams or sheathing are suitable. To decorate the floor, it is better to use parquet, cork or boards. The walls are decorated with paper wallpaper and wooden, cork or bamboo panels.

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The main thing in eco-style is harmony with yourself and nature.

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The use of eco-style in the interior