Signs That Show You That A Guardian Angel Is By Your Side And Protecting You

Knowing that you have a guardian angel who is always watching over you and protecting you in difficult times gives you peace and security. The presence of a higher power is a spiritual gift, so we invite you to find out what signs indicate that you are under the protection of such an entity.

Angels are spiritual entities that protect and guide us in our lives. Often they can communicate with us through subtle messages. For example, if in a certain situation (even during a stressful moment) you experience an inexplicable feeling of peace and security, this may be a sign that your guardian angel is present and supporting you.

Sweet smells in the room

And smell can be a sign that you're protected. If you smell sweet smells without being aware of their origin, know that you are accompanied by your guardian angel. If the smell is intense, this is a clear sign that this creature is attracting your attention.

Animals and children are acting 'weird'

Babies and pets can feel the presence of these creatures. If you notice that your pet or child begins to smile, for example, while looking at the ceiling, most likely an entity has visited your home.

You hear different sounds

A soft whisper heard when you least expect it may indicate that you have been visited by your guardian angel.

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Do you feel tingling on your skin?

When the energy of a guardian angel is strong, you will most likely feel a tingling sensation on the surface of your skin. This is because your vibrations begin to rise the moment an angel appears next to you. Although it may be unpleasant, not everyone can feel this sensation, so trust that something good will happen to you!

  • Did you know that… Guardian angels communicate with us best through dreams? Usually we are open to spiritual messages in moments when we are silent, writes Astrofame.

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Signs That Show You That A Guardian Angel Is By Your Side And Protecting You