Rita Ora wore a dress that showed off her breasts! Incendiary images

Rita Ora (33 years old) attracted attention at a party organized by Vogue magazine in London. The British artist wore an unusual black dress, extremely transparent, leaving little to the imagination.

Rita Ora appeared on the red carpet without a bra, her breasts covered only by plastic flowers strategically placed on the provocative outfit. The dress also had a huge collar that covered the mouth and nose. Rita, who boasts a net worth of $30 million, was completely unfazed by her beige thong being on display and photographers at the event took advantage of the opportunity to photograph her from all angles.

A year ago, Rita Ora married New Zealand director Taika Waititi (48 years old). They get along great, although they are 15 years apart in age.

Rita Ora has an impeccable figure (Photo: GettyImages)

The secret of Rita Ora's figure

Rita Ora eats a lot, but it's very healthy. "You can eat quite a lot while you're exercising," she said three years ago. The star explained that she is not a supporter of strict diets, since they do not suit her.

For breakfast, Rita Ora eats two boiled eggs, asparagus and half a glass of granola with almond milk. “For lunch I eat chicken or fish with vegetables, and for dinner I like to eat a lot of fish with vegetables and half a potato. Plus snacks, of course,” she explained. However, Rita Ora said that she has not eaten bread for many years and claims that she completely avoids sugar.

“I'm not starving. I used to do this, but I realized that the problem was not the food. It's about what your body needs, and everyone's body is different,” the British star added.

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Rita Ora wore a dress that showed off her breasts! Incendiary images