Robert De Niro, trial with scandal. Former nurse asks for $12 million

Robert De Niro, 80, testified Monday on the first day of a civil trial against a former employee who sued the actor for gender discrimination.

Graham Chase Robinson claimed the star underpaid her, made sexist comments about her and assigned her “stereotypically feminine” tasks while working for him.

De Niro called her allegations “nonsense,” accusing her of misusing company funds and watching movies while working. However, the actor, who is worth $300 million, allegedly shouted at the woman during the trial when she testified to the judge that De Niro made her scratch his back, reports the Daily Mail. She is seeking $12 million in damages for serious emotional distress and reputational damage.

Graham Robinson claims Robert De Niro forced him to do laundry

Robinson began working for De Niro in 2008. At first she was his assistant, and over time she rose to the position of vice president of Canal Productions. The woman reportedly had a salary of $300,000 but resigned in April 2019.

In her lawsuit, she alleges that De Niro treated her like an "office wife" and forced her to do menial tasks, including washing sheets and scratching her back. Robinson also claims she was paid less than a male employee who she said had similar responsibilities.

In August 2019, Canal Productions accused her of improper expenses, including transferring more than $450,000 from the company to her personal account.

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Robert De Niro, trial with scandal. Former nurse asks for $12 million