Those born under these signs have the strongest immunity. You're one of them?

While not scientifically proven, the zodiac can provide insight into your strengths and weaknesses, including immunity. Here are the signs with the strongest immunity, according to Times India!

The four zodiac signs are health winners.

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The mysterious and nervous Scorpio seems to be in optimal health most of the time. Despite the fact that the sign indicates a person who takes risks and often finds himself in dangerous circumstances, he surprisingly manages to get out of these situations unscathed (almost always).

While this may seem like just luck, it's actually the Scorpio lifestyle that keeps them in good shape. Not a gourmet, you will rarely find a Scorpio who eats after he is full. In addition, even if this zodiac sign is not very motivated to play sports, they usually prefer to climb stairs and walk when the opportunity arises.


Don't be fooled by the delicacy of this sign, this is one of the most reliable zodiac signs in the universe of astrology. They usually don't fall prey to serious illnesses because their panic radar is always on. Thus, you can be sure that Virgo recognizes the symptoms of diseases and does not allow them to develop and degenerate. Ultimately, it is Virgo's characteristic habit of taking extra precautions and being physically active that keeps them healthy and fit.


Taurus is strong both physically and mentally. They rarely get stuck in the face of illness and approach situations without control, as they do with every other aspect of their lives. They usually recover quickly from illnesses and often take care of their physical health. They like to control their body and are endowed with excellent health.

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The king of the zodiac universe prides himself on maintaining optimal health and is irritated at the thought of spending the day in bed. No wonder Leos are known for their stamina and well-built body. Despite the fact that the majestic king is a gourmet, he tries not to overdo it and keeps himself in excellent physical shape.

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Those born under these signs have the strongest immunity. You're one of them?