The most toxic relationship is with you. How to heal yourself

You are more likely to get rid of toxic relationships in your life if you start with yourself. It is important for your mental health to keep your perceptions and expectations in check, but also not to neglect yourself.

People who have a negative self-image are often overly critical and use harsh words to describe their bodies, actions, and personality traits. They seek the approval of others and put the needs of others before their own, trying to be helpful and pleasing to those from whom they seek approval. These toxic relationships arise from deep trauma and past pain that manifests as shame, self-hatred, and dangerous habits that affect their physical and mental health. If you have such a toxic relationship with yourself, there are ways to heal.

Set boundaries with others

Your needs are not a priority, and it's easier to justify doing something for others, even at the risk of your own well-being, because others will perceive you as useful. When you prioritize the comfort of others over your own, your boundaries don't matter, and that's toxic. Ignoring your own comfort will only exacerbate your emotional suffering in the long run. Set limits with your loved ones in certain situations in order to have time to relax.

Get a skincare routine that makes you feel good

Things like regular bedtime, personal hygiene, and a balanced diet are all ways to lift your spirits and fight symptoms of stress, self-loathing, and depression. Focus on small changes in your daily routine that are easy to make and that bring you joy.

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If you haven't worked out in the gym yet, it would be ideal to try doing it every day or start running. You don't need to invest in expensive skin care to develop healthy habits. The key to long-term success is managing your expectations of yourself and reducing your risk of burnout by gradually introducing healthy habits.

Do not forget!

Rest is productive, so give it enough time every day.

Practice positive self-talk

One of the best ways to deal with a toxic relationship with yourself is to watch how you talk to yourself. You will be surprised how often you insult yourself during the day by justifying your actions or helping others. It may seem difficult at first to switch to a positive approach, but the more you practice, the easier it will be for you to replace negative thoughts.

Turn self-criticism into measurable goals. Instead of saying, "I failed, I'm a fool!" try remembering, "I'm proud of myself for trying!" You can also develop a personal mantra to practice in front of a mirror, on your way to work, or before bed.

Be gentle with yourself

Healing doesn't happen overnight. It's easy to become impatient, especially when you're self-critical and have high expectations of yourself. One of the best ways to manage your healing expectations is to seek support from a therapist. Even if friends and family support you, talking to a professional can bring you a sense of relief.

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The most toxic relationship is with you. How to heal yourself