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The most expensive coffee: 10 most expensive coffees in the world

Coffee is something that is hard to resist. Not only does it taste great, but it also gives us an instant boost of energy, and no matter how tired we are, it makes us feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Most people are also addicted to coffee and just can't think of spending the day drinking a few cups. Whether with or without milk, hot or cold, coffee is the favorite drink of most.

You may have tried many varieties of coffee and perhaps you liked its taste. However, there are many more varieties that you may not be aware of. They taste great and are much more expensive than the ones you are used to drinking. In fact, they are the most expensive coffee in the world, and there is obviously a reason behind their exorbitant prices. If you're a coffee lover and can do anything to taste the best coffee, try drinking at least a cup of these 10 most expensive coffees, even if you can't buy a whole pound.

10. Hawaiian Kona Coffee (Price: $34 a pound)

most expensive coffee
Hawaiian Kona coffee - $34 per pound.

This coffee has a unique taste and amazing aroma. It is considered one of the most expensive coffees in the world because very rare beans were used to make it. In addition, this coffee is also in short supply, and so most vendors offer a blend that includes only 10 percent Kona coffee and 90 percent some cheap variety. If you want to enjoy the original taste of Hawaiian coffee, you must make sure you buy 100% Kona coffee.

9. Los Planes Coffee (Price: $40 a pound)

Coffee Los Plains
Coffee Los Plains

Grown by the Sergio Tikas Yeyes family on a farm in El Salvador, Finca Los Planes coffee is also a coffee you must try at least once. In 2006 and 2011, this unique coffee managed to take second and sixth places respectively. The most popular flavors that those who can afford to try are tangerine with caramel and strands of brown sugar. The price may be high, but coffee has such a refreshing taste that coffee lovers are ready to try it at least once.

8. Starbucks Quadriginoctuple Frap Coffee (Price: $47.30 per cup)

Starbucks Quadriginoctuple Frap
Starbucks Quadriginoctuple Frap.

This is the most expensive coffee Starbucks has to offer. The reason why it is so expensive is that it is only produced in limited quantities and contains many flavored ingredients such as; 48 mocha frappuccinos with caramel ice cream, vanilla chips, strawberries, two bananas, protein powder, caramel blues top, matcha powder and pumpkin spice. If you want to enjoy great coffee with an incredible taste and at the same time feel a burst of energy just by drinking a little more, then this drink is the right choice for you.

7. Fazenda Santa Ines coffee (Price: $50 per pound)

Coffee Fazenda Santa Ines
Coffee Fazenda Santa Ines.

The reason why this coffee is so unusual and expensive is that it has a sweet and fruity taste. It is grown in Brazil near the foothills of the Manticera mountains. And it has been in production for over 100 years. Many people around the world patronize this unique coffee and are attracted to its composition, which includes various delicious fruits.

6. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (Price: over $50 a pound)

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee
Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

This coffee is grown at an altitude of about 5,000 feet in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Rainfall is abundant in this area, and therefore there is enough water. After the coffee beans are harvested, they are processed here and then sent to other areas. This coffee is mild in nature and not as bitter as most other brands. It is very famous in Japan, which is one of the biggest importers of this coffee.

5. Saint Helena coffee (price: $79 per pound)

Saint Helena coffee
Saint Helena coffee.

This coffee is grown on the island of Saint Helena, and Napoleon Bonaparte himself was a big fan of it. Since then, this brand has become very popular. Saint Helena is located about 1200 miles off the west coast of Africa, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This is why the shipping costs are so high, and this naturally affects its price as well. However, those who love this brand are still willing to pay such high prices, because the drink has a beautiful, high-quality caramel taste with a light citrus note.

4. Kopi Luwak Coffee (Price: $160 per pound)

Coffee Kopi Luwak
Coffee Kopi Luwak.

This coffee is produced by Asian palm civet in Indonesia. These animals consume coffee berries, and in the process of digestion, they are fermented. The coffee beans are then deposited in their feces and from there are collected and processed. This coffee gets its unique and amazing taste thanks to the enzymes that these civet secrete during digestion. That is why this coffee is called civet.

3. Hacienda La Esmeralda coffee (Price: $350 per pound)

Coffee Hacienda La Esmeralda
Coffee Hacienda La Esmeralda

Over the past few years, Hacienda La Esmeralda has won numerous first place awards in various coffee competitions. It is grown in Panama on the slopes of Mount Baru in the shade of guava trees. This coffee is extremely rich in aroma and tastes great and all coffee lovers should try it at least once in their life for an unforgettable experience.

2. Finca El Injerto coffee (Price: $500 per pound)

most expensive coffee
Coffee Finca El Ingerto

This coffee is so expensive because it is made from small, rich and rare beans. The grains are washed in one channel and then broken twice1. to improve quality. Despite the high price of $500 a pound, many coffee drinkers around the world still try it at least once.

1. Ivory black coffee (Price: over $500 per pound)

Ivory black coffee
Ivory black coffee

Black Ivory Coffee Company Thailand makes this coffee from Arabica beans. Like civet coffee, it is produced by elephants eating Arabica beans, and it is during digestion that the coffee is processed. The stomach acids of the elephants break down the proteins in the beans and give the drink a rich flavor. This coffee is so expensive and rare because only a small number of coffee beans are available at a time. If you want to try this unique yet delicious coffee that you must make at least once, be prepared to shell out $50 for a cup.

While this coffee may be pricey, it does offer a unique flavor that is worth every penny you will pay. Having tried these drinks at least once, any coffee lover will get an experience that nothing else in the world can give.

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The most expensive coffee: 10 most expensive coffees in the world