Scandinavian sleep method. Experts say it helps couples sleep better

This way of sleeping helps you sleep better with your partner. This may be the answer you're looking for if you've been having trouble falling asleep next to your partner lately and don't want to deal with the idea of sleeping separately.

If you have visited Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland or Germany, you may already be familiar with the Scandinavian sleeping method, as beds in these countries are typically made using this method. This bed-making technique, also known as the Copenhagen Sleep Method, may not be all that revolutionary, but it can be beneficial for those who suffer from sleep disorders. This gives you your own space, according to sleep expert Kat Lederle, as quoted by Womanandhome. She is also a chronobiologist with a Master's degree in biological sciences. Her work has been instrumental in explaining the influence of the circadian rhythm and how we can manipulate it to achieve optimal performance.

The Scandinavian sleep method is simple.

The Scandinavian method is easy to implement. You will need two blankets of the same size. The difference between them may be thickness, depending on preference.

“Rather than sharing a larger blanket, each partner has their own smaller blanket, meaning there are no squabbles over the blanket and each person can sleep with the blanket they want and need.” explains Kat Lederle, who adds, "You can also put two separate mattresses on the same bed."

Proponents of this bed arrangement suggest that it saved their marriage. Couples praise the beneficial effects of this simple method.

This can help maintain intimacy in a relationship.

Research from the University of Pittsburgh shows that sleeping in the same bed with someone else and sharing a duvet can, in some cases, dramatically reduce the quality of sleep - by 30%.

The Scandinavian way of making the bed will help prevent this while keeping couples together. Each partner sleeps in the same bed but shares one duvet, duvet or sheet, which can be adjusted throughout the night to suit personal preferences and needs. This results in better sleep for both partners without the need to sleep in separate rooms or beds.

Prevents separation of partners at night

When couples find themselves incompatible with co-sleeping, they decide to separate and sleep in separate beds or even separate rooms. For those who want to sleep next to their partner, the Scandinavian sleep method is a very good option. Plus, two duvets are much cheaper than buying two mattresses or two beds, and the option of sleeping in another bedroom is out of reach for many couples living in small apartments.

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Partners can choose their own temperature

The ideal temperature for sleeping can be different for everyone. Some people prefer to keep it warmer by wearing socks to sleep and keeping their body warm, while others end up waking up and unable to sleep because they are too hot. Sleeping on a shared mattress makes it difficult to find a middle ground if there is disagreement about how you want to sleep.

By adopting the Scandinavian sleep method, one may be able to curl up under a thicker blanket, while the other may move more easily under a duvet or thinner blanket.

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Scandinavian sleep method. Experts say it helps couples sleep better