Functional kitchen secrets.

The kitchen in any home is a place of paramount importance, and this is due to the fact that, par excellence, it is a multifunctional space that is both a place for cooking and a place that plays an important social role for the family. communication.

The ideal kitchen, paradoxically, does not depend on its size, but on how it is organized and arranged, because this is where its functionality comes from. Following a few secrets will make the kitchen the perfect space.

functional triangle

Resistance elements in the kitchen are what make a space functional, and choosing them requires matching and adapting to the real needs of the home and family. Each of them defines the purpose of the kitchen and must match its size and style.

The three elements form a functional triangle. First kitchen sink, real hotspot. It must be of good quality, large enough, easy to maintain and clean, durable, perfectly assembled and complemented by an easy-to-handle and functional battery capable of meeting many needs. The drainage system must be easy to disassemble and assemble so that it can be cleaned and disinfected whenever necessary.

Next in order are two other important elements: the cooking area and the refrigerator. The main condition is that when choosing them, one should take into account the available space, and the option of including parts, including vertically, is always a lifesaver that should be taken into account.

Sources of light

The kitchen requires a lot of attention when installing artificial lighting systems. Light is essential because it defines the space, delineates work areas and, last but not least, creates the décor needed for each of the room's functions: cooking, communal dining area, or extra work space.

The secret of a successful arrangement lies in the use of several light sources located in 2-3 different planes: in the ceiling, at the level of the countertop and slab. It might be a good idea to use non-standard solutions such as a lamp or even a lamppost if space permits, or an LED lighting system, perhaps one that can produce colored light to create an adaptable set design. to any situation.

The use of warm light sources is another detail to consider to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

Smart storage

Whether your kitchen is large or small, indoor or outdoor, there is always a smart storage solution. The use of shelves, magnetic strips or tiered stands can free up significant surface area on countertops and cabinets.

Tall cabinets are excellent because they offer enough space. They are also ideal for turning on household appliances. However, you need to use them with extreme caution, as they clutter up the space and create a cluttered look. It is useful to know that vertical cabinets are never located on the sides of doors and windows. Their ideal place is in shaded places to visually reduce their volume.

One trick that works is grouping tall lights on the same wall for organized décor. Vertical cabinets should continue with horizontal areas to balance the space.

The solution to having a beautiful kitchen that makes you feel good about whatever you do is to combine styles, materials and colors. You can create your own style by combining pieces of furniture according to your needs, what you like and what suits you.

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Functional kitchen secrets.