Ciara "painted" her pregnant belly! How she appeared on the red carpet

American singer and actress Ciara, 38, made a splash at the premiere of the musical film The Color Purple on Wednesday night. The star, who has a net worth of $20 million, came dressed in a white ensemble with a cut-out front.

The star wore a long cape made of a veil over her shoulders to match her outfit. What attracted the most attention was the pregnant belly, which Ciara covered with numerous shiny gold leaves, proudly showing it off on the red carpet. The actress announced she was expecting her third child with her husband, American football player Russell Wilson, 35, in August. The couple has two more children: Sienna (6 years old) and Vin (3 years old). Ciara also has a son, Future Jr., 9, with her ex-boyfriend, rapper Future, 40.

Ciara: 'Marriage to Russell was a blessing'

“Marrying Russell Wilson is a blessing. I think about my father's love and how he loved me, how he loved my mother. He truly showed me the true way to be loved. It's a blessing when I look at my partner and see the same love I felt from my father, just that kind of love. And it’s a different level of love,” Ciara explained to Refinery two years ago.

As for the role of a mother, the star said that it is extremely important to her: “I am very proud of my children! Future is obsessed with reading, so he takes books with him when we go on trips. My hope for my boys is that they can challenge any obstacle that may come their way. I pray that when my children grow up, the world will look a little different and better than where we are now.”

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Ciara "painted" her pregnant belly! How she appeared on the red carpet