Boring gifts for women: what NOT to give

Receiving a gift is a nice moment, but the choice of item makes the difference between a pleasant and a disappointing experience. Therefore, we tell you what you should never buy for a woman!

Before you give a gift, you need to know the recipient's preferences, but if this is not possible, do not give the lady or woman a cosmetic bag! If you don't know what colors they prefer, you might make the wrong choice! Also, some people are sensitive and have allergies, so this type of gift is best avoided!

And self-help books may be the wrong choice because the recipient may think they need to learn how to organize their life better. Instead, it's better to give him a gift card that allows him to choose a book for himself. Even perfume can be the wrong choice, no matter the price. Most likely, the recipient will not like the expensive product.

Are you thinking about getting him a gym membership? Better refrain from doing this! You may hurt their feelings because the recipient may think they need to lose weight or exercise more. Boring gifts also include appearance-altering products, such as teeth whitening strips and self-tanners. Even if you do it for the benefit of your loved one, he may think that you do not appreciate his appearance. Finally, cross hygiene products like deodorant, toothpaste, shower gels and sponges, or body lotions off your list! This is because there is a high chance that the recipient will not use them or will throw them away.

  • In contrast to the above options, suitable gifts could be: cultural events (tickets to a play or concert), personalized products, a subscription to a streaming service or magazine, a spa day or a photo shoot.

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Boring gifts for women: what NOT to give