Stress at work - 4 solutions to deal with it

Stress is the enemy of the body, because the negative effects are felt both inside and out. The consequences will be visible not only on a personal level, but also on a professional one.

Productivity will decrease, errors will increase, communication with colleagues will also suffer, and productivity will be low. From stress to burnout is another step, but with the right decisions, you can work without putting your health at risk.

Find out below how to deal with stress with four actionable solutions.

1. Choose companies that put the needs and safety of employees first.

Today more than ever, the safety and needs of employees are two key elements that any company must consider, both to improve retention rates and to ensure goals can be easily achieved with healthy and productive employees.

Entrepreneurs who put needs and safety first are those who are rethinking how indoor spaces are designed and organized. They should be an environment that supports collaboration between employees and the performance of daily activities in a healthier environment.

IMMUNE Building Standard™, a concept developed by developer Liviu Tudor, is a building certification that contains over 135 sanitary, engineering, architectural and operational measures. The concept focuses on the health and sustainability of buildings and, last but not least, the safety of employees. In the long term, the IMMUNE™ concept aims to manage pathogen threats, protect building occupants, and promote excellence in the business environment.

When a business is healthy, employees will not feel pressured and stressed at work.

2. Relax during office breaks and after hours

Real breaks and relaxing in the office can relieve stress. There is a tendency in the office to eat lunch in front of a laptop, but this habit only makes it more tiring. Even half an hour away from the office increases productivity and helps to get rid of stress.

UNITY Park was created to give employees a real rest and relaxation both during the program and after it. It is designed as a campus in an office extension, adapted to the lifestyle of the employees. Outside, the space is designed to include a state-of-the-art amphitheater for outdoor events and a 1,000-square-meter urban forest where employees can also hold work meetings.

Inside there will be co-working and co-living spaces, a modern conference center and a cafe-restaurant, entertainment areas and specially designed spaces for communication and relaxation. All this helps to relax employees and create an environment in which they can switch off.

3. Eat right and at the right time

Do you eat a lot, chaotically and unhealthy when you have busy periods? Then it's good to rethink your diet, because food plays an important role in dealing with stress. Try to eat healthy at home, and if you're at the office, cook dinner without impulsive shopping.

When you eat well and eat right, you are easier to deal with emotions and you have more energy to solve even the most difficult tasks. Avoid unhealthy snacks or leave them on your desk to not eat to relax.

4. Set a daily routine so you don't overwork yourself.

Overload can come at any moment, even when you are in control. Try to make a routine and solve the most difficult tasks in the morning or set deadlines based on your performance. It's good to have a balance between difficult and easy projects every day.

Always let the team know when something goes wrong or when you feel like you have too many tasks. Routine at work is a healthy way to manage stress and avoid overwork.

A healthy and sustainable work environment, relaxation, real breaks, healthy eating, and routine tasks will help you stay away from stress. Apply the solutions above to keep you healthy and balanced.

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Stress at work - 4 solutions to deal with it