QUIZ Your chosen animal reveals your flaws

This test can show you what your negative character traits are as well as your qualities. You just need to choose one of the animals and birds in the picture!

Some despise animals, others fear them or, on the contrary, adore them. Your reaction to a particular animal also depends on your personality and the animal itself. Your choice can say a lot about your personality, your weaknesses and strengths.

This quick and fun personality test asks you to choose one of eight lives to get to know your negative traits in a special way. Take a moment to relax and carefully choose one of the following animals to explore your negative side!

QUIZ Your chosen animal reveals your flaws

1. Panther

If this is your choice, you have a mysterious yet violent personality. You look tough, but you're actually soft. You surround yourself with an air of mystery that intrigues those around you. When you are angry, your cruelty is unlikely to be accepted. When necessary, be patient and wait carefully to take the plunge.

2. Eagle

You tend to look for weaknesses and often manipulate in order to succeed. You have an opportunistic nature. You are patient and overly cautious. Avoid risks at all costs and stay away from the crowd. You are one of those people who remain silent and plan to take revenge on those who wronged you. You don't let go of grudges easily.

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3. Bear

Like the bear, you tend to stay out of trouble and mind your own business. When provoked, you respond with anger, reminding others why they shouldn't mess with you. You stand your ground when the situation calls for it and don't give up without a fight. Calm, confident and fearless, you can sometimes abuse your power to get the results you want.

4. Spider

If you choose a spider, you can become one of the best master manipulators. You can confuse many with your lies as long as you move forward quickly and confidently. You don't care too much about other people's feelings and consider yourself superior to others. Since you are also a good organizer, you are always two steps ahead.

5. Raven

You are an intelligent person, but at the same time gloomy, silent. You have a dark side, but you only keep it for your worst enemies. You act cautiously in general and don't trust people right away, both in personal relationships and at work. You also rarely let others get to know you for real.

6. Wolf

You seek to control your relationships. You are strong, loyal, and protective of your loved ones, as well as what you have. You prefer privacy, but are quite friendly. You have a close circle of friends who understand you well. You also tend to put off things you need to do and wait until the last minute to finish them. When you are challenged or when you set a goal, there are no obstacles that you cannot overcome.

7. Bat

You have a complex character. You are determined and always set goals to achieve. You have a unique perspective on things and you see the world in a way that no one else can. Even if you enjoy spending time alone, you feel satisfied. You do not like to conform to social norms and do not trust people.

8. Black cat

Did you choose a black cat? Then you can be withdrawn and alone. You prefer solitude and do not like to spend time surrounded by many people. You avoid social gatherings because you value your time alone more. Your strengths are patience, focus and organizational skills.

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QUIZ Your chosen animal reveals your flaws