TOP-20 beauties of Belarus. Real Slavic beauty

Residents of Belarus are constantly recognized as the most beautiful in the world according to various agencies, magazines and ratings. It is noteworthy that behind the pretty appearance and graceful figures of Belarusian women, there is a meek disposition, kindness and hospitality, that is, those character traits that cannot but arouse admiration. Today we will talk about those Belarusian girls and women who were able to become famous not only in their homeland, but also far beyond its borders.

№1 Anna Sharevich

Anna was born in the city of Brest and started playing chess from the age of 5. Currently, the 34-year-old talented chess player has four victories and one silver in national championships, participation in five Olympiads and several prizes in international chess tournaments.

Anna Sharevich is beautiful at chess

№2 Ekaterina Vandareva

Katya was born in 1991, and by the age of 29 she managed to become a multiple world champion in kickboxing and in Thai boxing. The girl began her sports career in the Kingdom of Thailand, where she won her first gold.

Ekaterina Vandareva

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№3 Olga Antropova

Olga managed to become "Miss Belarus", work in the modeling business in the USA, return to her homeland, open a restaurant and decorate its interior on her own. Currently, you can get into Olga's restaurant only by appointment, since it is unable to accommodate everyone.

Olga Antropova

№4 Angelica Agurbash

Angelica does not need a special introduction, since she managed to become a famous television presenter and popular singer, not only in her homeland, but throughout the post-Soviet space.

Anzhelika Agurbash Belarus

№5 Olga Khizhinkova

Olga is the winner of the national beauty contest and a participant in the world. Currently, Olga works as a model at the National Beauty School, as well as a TV presenter on one of the central channels of Belarus.

Olga Khizhinkova

№6 Anna Sharkunova

Anna was born in Pinsk and today she has taken place as a singer and actress. Musical compositions performed by her more than once occupied the top lines of national charts, and her roles in the cinema fell in love with the audience not only in Belarus, but also in all neighboring countries.

Anna Sharkunova

№7 Veronika Antipova

After graduating from high school, Veronica decided to move to the United States and make a modeling career there. It is noteworthy that the girls succeeded, she was repeatedly invited to work not only by leading American modeling agencies, but also by French and Italian ones.

Veronika Antipova

№8 Ekaterina Normal

Katya is naturally endowed with a doll-like appearance, and today it is difficult to say who she is - a famous and talented blogger or a popular model with a chiseled figure. In any case, Catherine can be safely called an interesting young girl who clearly has a great future.

Catherine Normal

№9 Alina Kravtsova

Alina Kravtsova has a very fascinating biography, firstly, she was born in Germany, secondly, she graduated from Minsk State University, worked on national television, was the host of Slavonic Bazaar for several years, and thirdly, she has been living for the last few years and works in Russia.

Alina Kravtsova

№10 Galina Shishkova

Galina is a famous singer far beyond the borders of Belarus, and her musical career has developed very successfully. However, Galina had interests besides the stage, the most important of them was and remains her son, besides him, she is actively engaged in interior design and even writes books about healthy eating.

Galina Shishkova

№11 Ekaterina Volovik

After school, Ekaterina entered the Faculty of Linguistics, but after the first year she suddenly realized that she wanted to become a television presenter without fail. A pleasant voice, competent speech and beautiful appearance allowed Ekaterina to realize her dream.

Ekaterina Volovik

№12 Tatyana Lipnitskaya

Tatyana was born in Minsk, at the very beginning of the new millennium, the girl won the competition of young pop singers and became the third in the classical music competition. After that, she decided to take the stage name Bianca for herself, and become an R&B singer. Today Tatyana can be proud of the multi-million army of fans of her talent.

Tatiana Lipnitskaya

№13 Alexandra Gerasimenya

Alexandra represented her country at the Olympics three times, brought silver to the team piggy bank twice and bronze once. While Alexandra continues to practice her favorite sport - swimming and does not plan to end her career.

Alexandra Gerasimenya

№14 Tatyana Lukashenko

Tatyana was a soloist of the musical group "Topless", posed for the men's magazine "Maxim", tried herself as a solo performer of musical compositions and a DJ. In addition, Tatyana is fond of combat sports.

Tatyana Lukashenko

№15 Ekaterina Buraya

Ekaterina is often called the Belarusian Claudia Schiffer, whom she tried to keep up with and even won the Miss Supranational contest. However, she decided to go into the tourism business, where she now works as a manager.

Ekaterina Buraya

№16 Marina Linchuk

Marina began her modeling career in the capital of her homeland, and continued in Moscow, Russia, where she was noticed by a very famous photographer. After his photo shoot, invitations to various advertising companies rained down on Marina. By the way, Marina is a vegetarian and speaks several languages.

Marina Linchuk

№17 Yana Supranovich

By profession, Marina is a public relations specialist, and by vocation she is a model, and a very successful one at that. After her victory in the national beauty contest, Yana got a job at the Belarusian Beauty School.

Yana Supranovich

№18 Svetlana Vladimirova

Svetlana is a very creative person, this is confirmed by numerous musicals written by her personally. However, today Svetlana seems to have given up writing and began to act as director of one of the largest radio companies in the country.

Svetlana Vladimirova

№19 Victoria Mahota

Victoria made a successful career in the modeling business, becoming the second in the American competition "Supermodel of the World" at the age of 15. Vika is currently working with leading European Fashion Houses.

Victoria Mahota

№20 Ekaterina Domankova

Ekaterina, after her victory in the American show "Supermodel of the World", signed a contract with the Victoria's Secret modeling agency and still advertises underwear, both on the catwalk and in glossy magazines.

Ekaterina Domankova

So who have we forgotten? Maybe Anastasia Magronova is a famous TV presenter, or actress Olga Fadeeva, or maybe successful models Alyona Lanskaya, Alesya Kacher and Anna Kindruk, perhaps it would be worth remembering the talented athlete Daria Domracheva. Yes, most likely yes! But there are so many creative, athletic and charming beauties living in Belarus that it is impossible to include them all in our list, but we know about each of them for sure!

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TOP-20 beauties of Belarus. Real Slavic beauty